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Water Leakage Sensor Supplier UAE,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia

Water leakage sensors are  utilised to continuously monitor water leakage in any particular area especially critical areas such as server rooms, data centers, raised floors, pipes, hospital rooms, art galleries etc. HW Group supplies products and solutions for detecting water

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Vacker Group, UAE associates with HW group for their wide range of sensors

Vacker Group associates with HW Group (EU) as system integrator for their wide range of sensors and associated solutions. HW Group has wide range of IP based and standalone  sensors and associated solutions for Data centers, Industrial solutions, Commercial and

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Temperature Sensor & Humidity sensor with Phone call alert

We have recently installed our integrated solution for monitoring and recording Temperature & Humidity which also gives phone call if the temperature or humidity goes above or below the defined limits. The device has one sensors which will sense both

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Phone Call/SMS alert for Monitoring Temperature, Smoke,Fire, Presence of people, Water leakage etc.

This is a unique device which operates on battery and with a SIM card. The device can be programmed to give alerts for up to 4 different conditions. Upon receiving a trigger, it will make automatic phone calls and SMS

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Sensor Supplier in UAE,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Oman,Qatar & Iraq (Also see

Motion Sensors and Presence Sensors utilization in school laboratory for Energy Conservation Vacker Group , UAE is a supplier of Motion and Presence Sensors (Also known as Occupancy sensors) in UAE,Kuwait,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Qatar & Iraq. Also Vacker supplies these sensors to

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Supplier of Cables and Connectors in UAE,Saudi,Kuwait,Oman,Qatar and African countries (

Vacker Group is supplying various types of Special cables and connectors for all industrial needs Vacker operates directly and through associates in UAE,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Iraq. Also we supply all these items in African countries such as Nigeria, Ethiopia,Ghana,Djibouti

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Automated School Laboratory done at Kuwait using Motion and Presence Sensors

Vacker Group did a project in Kuwait converting 4 existing class rooms into modern laboratories- Chemical, Biology, Physics and Computer laboratories. All the lighting, AC and security systems in the new laboratories were automated using Motion and Presence sensors. The

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50 meter Infrared Motion Sensor

High Performance Using a combination of Quad Pyro sensors coupled with the highest quality mirror-optics, these detectors have been designed for the most demanding environments where quality and reliability matter. Both models have been fitted with secondary pyro’s to eliminate

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Vacker Cable Division

The cable division of Vacker Group, UAE has a new website which is a comprehensive website detailing all products and services of the cables division. This is in view of the best interests of our customers who can visit

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Vacker Supplies entire range of Sensors in Kuwait

Vacker Group supplies wide range of Chemical, Gas, Automation, Electrical, Electronic, Liquid sensors and various other types in Kuwait through the Group company Hassan Mohammed General Trading & Contacting Co. Few of the sensors are listed here under: Carbon Dioxide

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