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Motion sensors for advertising

We have executed a project in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for an advertising company involving motion sensors. The requirement of the company was to activate a set of music and lights when a customer approaches a particular spot where the

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Wifi Water leakage sensor with call, SMS and email alerts

Water leakage need to be critically monitored in all type of establishments, which result in extreme damages. These are WiFi connected water leakage sensors which will generate phone call, SMS or Email alerts in the event of water detection. Features

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Water leakage sensor with Phone call & SMS alert

There are many applications where even minor leakage of water will be harmful and hence need to  be alerted immediately.Typical applications are warehouses, cold rooms, server rooms, data centers, offices etc. Water leakage sensor & detector We are explaining Sontay,

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DC Motion & Presence sensor with volt free contact

There are many occasions when you want a volt free contact (potential free contact) from the motion sensor and presence sensor. You will require a Normally Open / Normally closed (NO/NC) contact for taking signals to a BMS system or

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