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Vacker ties up with PSIDAC, Sweden for differential pressure sensors

PSIDAC, Sweden is a topmost manufacturer of pressure sensors, differential pressure sensors and pressure transmitters. VackerGlobal has partnered with PSIDAC for the Middle East countries. Vacker will promote their entire range of differential pressure sensors in the Middle East countries.

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BACNet Protocol integration for HACCP

HACCP Certification stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point certification. This is for ensuring process control in the food industry. HACCP with BACNet protocol is for centralised management of various processes. This is achieved through BACNet protocol. BACNet IP protocol one

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CO Sensor with VFD and Exhaust fans for Basements and parking

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is dangerous for human beings and will cause even death within minutes. This is mainly formed in underground parking, basements etc. CO is generated by combustion with insufficient oxygen. When sufficient oxygen is available for combustion, Carbon

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Sensors for Indoor farming, Greenhouses, hydroponics & Aquaponics

Hydroponics is an agricultural method in which plants are grown without using soil. However, this is a very controlled environment and a lot of conditions need to be monitored continuously so that the conditions are favourable for the plants. Depending

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Concrete temperature monitoring & hydration monitoring using thermocouple

We are supplying temperature sensors and thermocouples along with multi-channel data logger for temperature monitoring and hydration monitoring of concrete. Concrete curing has to be continuously concreted for its quality. The process involves the recording of temperature at various points inside

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Disclaimer on trademarks

All trade marks mentioned in this article or images are registered trade marks of respective companies and we do not intend to misrepresent them for any benefits including financial benefits Any other brand or product referenced in this page or

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12 volts DC motion sensor switch supplier in UAE

Motion sensors which work on 12 V DC are being supplied by us which are for small areas and work on DC adaptors or battery packs. Material: Plastic. Size: 8.8 x 6 x 3.5cm(L* W* H) Working temperature:  10 to

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Motion sensor on Arduino Circuit

Motion sensors are used to detect movement of human beings, birds, animals or other moving objects such as cars, vehicles etc. While there are lot of motion sensors for controlling electrical circuits, this article explains about motion sensors used to

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New website of Vacker Group for Middle East operations

Vacker Group of companies is involved in various Engineering oriented business segments in all Middle East countries and in India. Vacker Group is having current activities in the following segments in different countries: Industrial Automation and Process automation. This segment

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Various Applications Of Motion Sensors In Daily Life

What is a motion sensor? As the name suggests motion sensors are electronic devices that can detect motion and movement. It consists of an electronic chip or a sensor that quantifies motion. When considered in broad terms, mechanical devices like

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