Automated School Laboratory done at Kuwait using Motion and Presence Sensors

Vacker Group did a project in Kuwait converting 4 existing class rooms into modern laboratories- Chemical, Biology, Physics and Computer laboratories.

All the lighting, AC and security systems in the new laboratories were automated using Motion and Presence sensors. The laboratories were automated as under:

When children enter the laboratory following actions will happen:
Lights will be ON
AC will be switched ON
Gas pipe will be switched ON for burners
Exhaust fans will be switched ON

When children finish the laboratory session and after they leave, following actions will happen:

Lights will be OFF
AC will be switched OFF
Gas pipe will be switched OFF. Evne children leave gas burners in lit condition, there is no harm, since it will be switched OFF
Exhaust fans will be switched OFF after 10 minutes to clear the fumes from the laboratory.

A brief video on the same can be seen here. (Youtube video opens up in a new Window)


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