Automation solutions through standalone sensors without BMS

The problems with present day dedicated Building Management Systems are plenty. The major difficulties are utilising other sensorsautomation-stand-alone-sensor and monitoring devices operating in different protocols.

It may not be economical to carry out Building Management system for monitoring few critical parameters, especially when it involves multiple locations.

We are providing solutions with wired or wireless sensors for a variety of critical parameters.

Case Study

Our recent installation was for a chain of hotels to monitor the following parameters in 4 different locations:

  • Water level of water tanks
  • Temperature of Data centers
  • Temperature of suite rooms
  • Fire alarms

It will involve huge investment if Building Management system has to be implemented for this monitoring.

Our solutions operates on SNMP and GPRS data transmission. The sensors operate in wireless systems which provides capabilities for adding more sensors in future or adding more locations in future.

At each location, there are few transmitters and receivers which transmit data to a centralised computer and data from all locations can be seen on any computer without complicated BMS systems.

Also additionally it can be configured to provide SMS and Email alerts if any of the critical parameters exceed the pre defined alert levels.

Vacker Group, UAE is involved in Automation and sensor solutions throughout all Middle East countries including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain & Iraq


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