Bulb with Motion Sensor

Vacker Global is a one of the leading company in the world in building automation industry. We provide different systems of building automation for homes, offices, industries etc. We also provide lighting bulbs with motion sensors that are highly useful in saving both time and money. One of the focus region of our company is the UAE region as we know the importance of time and energy saving in rapidly growing economic region such as UAE. Our products can easily be found in the cities of UAE which include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.

Introduction to Bulbs with Motion Sensorsbulb-with-motion-sensor-Dubai-Abudhabi-UAE

Bulbs with motion sensors are different from the conventional lighting bulbs as these bulbs can turn on automatically upon sensing motion of warm objects such as human, animals, automobiles etc. in its field. It actually does not require any human intervention to turn or turn off the light and has been a key part of smart homes. These bulbs with motion sensors are specially designed to reduce the trouble of switching on and off of the light manually.

Advantages of Bulbs with Motion Sensors

Although these bulbs can be irritating for you and your neighbors sometimes but its advantages completely overshadows the minor problem. These bulbs are useful not only to save energy, money and time but for security of the house too. Burglars or thieves can easily get distracted due to the presence of these bulbs as they will automatically light up when they try to enter a house or building. Also these bulbs can work as an alert system for the house owners. These bulbs are also useful in reducing your fears while you enter the building at dark night or while trying to park your car in the garage. It also makes the owner feel safer as the light automatically turns on upon sensing any kind of intrusion of animals or human. These bulbs come in very reasonable price and are very easy to install hence it is getting very popular among the people in UAE. These light bulbs can be installed both for outdoor purpose and indoor purpose.

Working Principle of Bulbs with Motion Sensors

These bulbs with motion sensors come with a sensitive motion detector that can detect infrared radiation from a moving body. These detectors upon sensing certain level of infrared radiation from an object in its field sends electronic signals and turns on the light. We can preset the timer from 1 to 20 minutes for the duration of time the light stays on. These bulbs contain a photocell that keeps the light deactivated during the day time. The distance range of the motion detector can be 70 ft or more according to the requirement. Sometimes the motion sensors can be fooled by the moving leaves or passing cars nearby and the light may turn on without any particular benefit but this problem can easily be removed by adjusting the distance range and field of view of the motion sensor. These bulbs also can be switched to manual mode when required.

Installing Bulbs with Motion Sensors

Installing bulbs with motion sensors is really easy and does not require any specialist. Some of the steps in installing bulbs with motion sensors is given below:

  • First of all the old light should be removed from the place.
  • The power should be always turned off before the installation.
  • The adjustable crosspiece should be mounted to the electrical box
  • The rubber gasket should be placed around the outside edge of the new fixture
  • Wiring should be connected with the help of a wire cap.
  • The light assembly should be fitted in the electrical box.
  • Now the bulbs should be screwed in.
  • The system should be sealed by using silicone caulk after the installation.

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