‹ Return to Negative Room Pressure measurement using differential sensors


Our room pressure sensor is for continuous monitoring of the pressure inside the negative pressure rooms such as isolation rooms in hospitals. This is to ensure that the air inside an isolation room is always lower than the surrounding rooms at all times. In case this pressure difference is not maintained, our system will generate an alert. We can also supply phone call or SMS alert systems.
Isolation rooms in hospitals require a lower pressure than the adjacent rooms and the corridors. Since this pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, these are known as negative pressure room. The purpose is to contain airborne diseases. Suppose there is a patient with Covid-19 infection within this room. The air may have Covid-19 viruses. These viruses shouldn’t go to other rooms. As the pressure is lower than other rooms, this is prevented.
These are useful for AIIR, Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms, Operation theatre, CSSD rooms, clean rooms etc.
We provide design, supply, installation and commissioning of room pressure monitoring systems for hospitals, clinics, clean rooms etc.


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