Liquid Level Sensor

These sensors are capacitance type and is used for cotinuous level checking of water, oil etc, in tanks, sumps etc. There are different types available for different fluids. The Level sensor consists of two tubes, one inner and one outer. The level difference is converted into a small voltage by method of capacitance and this the level is monitored.liquid-level-sensor-uae

The sensor rod will be  supplied in various lengths upyo 3 meters and should never be cut.


Output: 4-20mA
Supply: 20Vdc – 38Vdc
Insertion Length: 0.5 to 3m (1.64 to 9.84 ft)
Process Connection: 1″ B.S.P.
Process Temperature: 100°C Max (212°F)
Ambient Temperature: -20 C to +60°C (–4 to +140°F)
Max. Pressure: 20bar @ 20°C (290 psi @ 68°F)
Electrode Insulation: Polypropylene
Termination Housing: ABS
Protection: IP65
Electrical Connections: Screw terminals
Weight: 8.24kg max. (18.17 lb max.)
Country of Origin: UK

Vacker Group, UAE operates in all Middle East countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman & Iraq. Also Vacker supplies various products to Afghanistan & African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia & Djibouti

The image and data above are copyrighted to the Manufacturer Sontay, UK


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