DC Motion & Presence sensor with volt free contact

There are many occasions when you want a volt free contact (potential free contact) from the motion sensor and presence sensor. You will require a Normally Open / Normally closed (NO/NC) contact for taking signals to a BMS system or other indication panels.

CX-100 Passive Infrared Ceiling/Wall Sensor of Watt Stopper is such a sensor which has one each NO and NC contact.

The standard sensor offers a coverage upto 1000 sq. ft. There are different models available with higher range of coverage. The sensor operates by 24 V DC system using the power pack supplied by Watt Stopper.motion-sensor-with-volt-free-contact-watt-stopper

Features of CX-100 infrared occupancy sensor

  • ASIC technology reduces components and enhances reliability
  • Pulse Count Processing eliminates false offs without reducing sensitivity
  • Detection Signature Analysis eliminates false triggers; provides immunity to RFI and EMI
  • Digital time delay adjustable from 15 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Adjustable sensitivity enables occupancy detection to match the level of activity for each space
  • Integrated light level sensor (CX-100) can create bi-level control for added energy savings
  • Volt free contacts for signalling or other applications

 24 V DC Motion and Presence sensors

This sensor also can be used at 24 V DC system instead of 230 VAC. The vol free contacts of the sensor can be connected to external auxiliary relay or contactor and can be used for external loads if desired.

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