Motion sensor on Arduino Circuit

Motion sensors are used to detect movement of human beings, birds, animals or other moving objects such as cars, vehicles etc.

While there are lot of motion sensors for controlling electrical circuits, this article explains about motion sensors used to control electronic circuits through a computer or microprocessor.

What is motion sensor on Arduino?motion-sensor-arduino

Arduino is a mini microprocessor which can take inputs from lot of different kind of sensors and give electronic outputs which can also be controlled through a computer using a software. Arduino is an open source hardware which can be customized by the user for various purposes.

How to connect Arduino based motion sensor?

The motion sensor will be powered by a small DC voltage such as 3volt. The sensor will detect motion and will provide an output. These output wires are to be connected to a micro controller. This micro controller has to be connected to a computer through a USB cable. The micro controller has a software driver. All driver and operating software are free unless some custom made software is required.

Other types of Arduino based sensors

Apart from motion sensors, there are lot of other sensors which can be connected through Arduino. Few of them are listed here:

  • Arduino pressure sensors for sensing pressure
  • Arduino flow sensors for sensing air or liquid flow
  • Arduino presence sensors for sensing presence
  • Arduino occupancy sensors for sensing occupancy in a room
  • Arduino light sensors for sensing light
  • Arduino temperature sensor for sensing and recording temperature
  • Arduino humidity sensor for sensing and recording humidity
  • Arduino force sensor for sensing force

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