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Motion sensors of various types are being supplied by from various reputed manufacturers. All motion sensors are basically used to detect motion in a certain area and activate electrical circuits such as lighting circuits, alarm system etc.motion-sensor-indoor

Broad classification is as under:


Infrared detection  – Passive and Active Infrared detection

Ultra sound – detection is by means of Ultra sound waves

Radio Frequency / Microwave -Detection through Microwaves

Dual technology as a combination of different technologies- Will benefit from advantages of different technologies

Mounting Type

Ceiling mounted – Mounting on ceiling

Wall mounted – can be mounted on wall


Outdoor – for outdoor mounting purposes with IP rating of IP 65presence_motion-sensor

Indoor – Indoor mounting applications.

Different type of loads can be connected to the motion detectors. However not all types can be directly connected to the sensor circuit. In such cases loads will have to be connected through auxiliary circuits.

Motion sensors also come combined with lights for simple home use. The motion sensor will have one light assembled together and can be simply be wired into a normal power supply.

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Vacker Group UAE supplies various types of Motion, Presence & Occupancy sensors for all industrial and commercial requirements in all Middle East countries including UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq


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