Motion sensor activated phone call alert

Motion sensors can be used to detect the presence of human beings and generate alert systems. Motion sensor uses the principle of Passive Infrared Rays (PIR) detection. This means the motion sensor will detect the presence of any human beings in its vicinity. All living beings produce body heat and this is detected by the motion senor.wattstopper-motion-sensor

The motion  sensor can be installed on the ceiling or on the walls. there are different sensors with a distance range starting from 5 meters onwards. Depending on the area of usage, customers can select any model suitable for their application.

The sensor has an NO NC contact which will be activated upon detection of any human being. This contact is used to activate an auto dialler unit. This autodialler unit has a SIM card and is with battery back up. When anyone enters this room, the dialler automatically calls 4 people and delivers a voice message indicating this particular area has a presence of someone. Also, an SMS will be delivered either to the same of 4 people or another 4 personnel delivering customized message. We can configure these separately. The dialler will keep on calling until one of them pick up the call.

We have used occupancy sensor by Wattstopper, USA for generating alarms for a secured area. The model used in this instance was W-1000 A by Wattstopper USA which has a coverage range of 1000 sq. ft.

Other models in this series are:

W-500 A : Ultrasonic Occupancy sensor,coverage of 500sq.ft, 360 °.

W-2000 A : Ultrasonic Occupancy sensor,coverage of 2000 sq.ft, 360 °.

W-2000 H : Ultrasonic Occupancy sensor,linear coverage of 900 ft, 360 °.

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