Motion sensor for High bays of Warehouses

For ware houses the height might be generally exceeding 10 meters and normal motion sensors have a limitation at these heights. The ceiling will be up to 20 meters and normal motion sensors will not sense movements at such a distance.

We have provided a solution with Watt Stopper  make ultrasonic motion sensors which are capable of detecting at higher levels. The ware house is 16 meters height and consisted of huge number of racks and aisles making it difficult for any proper motion sensors.The executed project in in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for a warehouse of 8000 sq. meter with 16 meters height.

The ware house is more complicated compared to a normal room, hall or a corridor. This is especially difficult because of the racks and other asymmetrical arrangements inside the ware house.

While selecting the motion sensors we have to be careful in selecting the range of the sensor so that sensing will work efficiently. The Watt stopper sensor selected by us is capable of reaching a distance of 20 meter at 360 Degree coverage and hence was suitable for this application.

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