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Oxygen analysis has become a very important process in industries and medical field. Our company Vacker UAE has a vast experience in providing its client with the very best quality of oxygen analyzer that are reliable and precisely accurate. Our oxygen analyzer can be found in different parts of UAE mainly in the cities of UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.

An oxygen analyzer consists of oxygen sensor that has the capability to measure the concentration of oxygen in a liquid or gas which is to be analyzed. Oxygen sensors most common use is in the medical field in which they are used in anesthesia monitors, oxygen concentrators and respirators.  Not only is that oxygen analyzer used in automobiles to monitor the concentration of oxygen internal combustion engines. It is also an important device in any industries that emits gas in different ways and scientists use this device for different research.oxygen-analyzer-and-meter

What is Oxygen and Oxygen Sensor?

Oxygen is a vital gas that is present in our atmosphere and covers nearly 20% of volume of the atmosphere. Oxygen is used by the living organisms for respiration purpose but it is also required for the combustion of a matter. Oxygen sensors are the devices that are specially designed to monitor the concentration of oxygen in a system that is to be analyzed. A cell built with ceramic material is attached in the oxygen analyzer that can measure the level oxygen in a system.

Types of Oxygen Analyzers

With the increase in pollution the onus is on the industries to reduce it as much as possible hence they want oxygen analyzer to be more accurate for the measurement. Hence we provide analyzer that is precisely calibrated and requires less maintenance. There are different types of oxygen analyzer and they can be used according to the need and situation. Different types of oxygen analyzer that can be found in the market easily are as follows:

  1. Ambient temperature oxygen analyzer
  2. Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer
  3. Polarographic oxygen analyzer
  4. Electro chemical oxygen analyzer
  5. Ziroconium oxide oxygen analyzer

The most common type of oxygen analyzer is the ambient oxygen analyzer.Very commonly known as a galvanic sensor ambient oxygen analyzer contains two different types of electrodes that is submerged in an electrolyte. portable-oxygen-meterOxygen molecules present in the system dissolve in the electrolyte and triggers a chemical reaction that produces certain amount of electric current. The amount of electric current generated due to the reaction of oxygen and the electrolyte helps to identify the level of oxygen in the system. Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer uses the magnetic susceptibility of oxygen to measure the level of oxygen in the system. The polarographic oxygen analyzer is popular since it can be stored for a long time.

Advantages of Oxygen Analyzer

As already discussed above oxygen analyzer is used to analysis the level of concentration of oxygen and mainly used in the medical field and industries. These devices are useful in monitoring the combustion in a system. These devices help in conservation of energy in industries such as electric power, iron, steel, petrochemicals etc. These devices repel incomplete combustion of fuel which helps in lowering the release of harmful pollutant gases such as nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide etc. Hence oxygen analyzer helps to keep atmosphere clean and decrease global warming.

Features of our Oxygen Analyzer

Our oxygen analyzer are built by the experts in the field and therefore are capable measuring the oxygen level with precise accuracy. They are absolutely fast and can show their readings even in millisecond which helps in saving both time and energy. Our oxygen analyzer have a durable battery and are very easy to carry from one place to another.

Remote monitoring and recording of oxygen measurement with phone call, SMS and alarm

If you want a centralized oxygen monitoring system, we can provide a system connected either through BACNet, Modbus, Ethernet etc. The sensors will be placed in the monitoring area. Multiple sensors can be connected to a centralized system. The user can view the readings remotely through any computer. Also recording over a cloud based server is possible. We can also connect the system to an external phone call and SMS alert system. Also we can connect to a local audible alarm, so that it will generate an alarm if the levels go beyond the permissible limit.

Also VackerAfrica supplies Oxygen meters and Oxygen Monitors in all African countries covering Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Djibouti etc.

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