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PIR Sensors means Passive Infrared Sensor. This used Infrared technology to detect objects in its vicinity. The general applications are Motion and Presence Sensors for controlling lights or other electrical circuits based on the motion and presence of human beings. These sensors come in different range of distances and sensitivity to meet different indoor and outdoor requirements.

The principle of operation is that all moving objects generate minute energy/temperature and the infrared rays detect any such PIR-infrared-sensor-detectorobjects which generate such energy.

These are called Passive because they do not generate or search around for objects.

The difference between Motion and Presence sensors can be seen at our blog article here.

The presence sensors are also called Occupancy sensors/detectors

The common usage of such PIR sensors are :

  • Staircases
  • Class Rooms
  • Bath rooms
  • Corridors
  • Out door lighting
  • Car park

The applications are limitless and main purpose is energy conservation. Electrical or control circuits   of any area can be activated and deactivated based on presence of human beings

Vacker Group operates in all Middle East countries including UAE, Kuwait,Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman & Iraq

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  1. I am looking for a motion sensor with a range of 60 meters, this is for fixing in my farm to deter trespassers.

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