Vacker is an instrumentation company in Dubai providing a wide range of instrumentation solutions. We provide various instrumentation solutions for industrial applications, marine industry, oil & gas industry etc. Instrumentation solutions involve various measurement and control applications automated through various electronic instruments and control protocol. We can define instrumentation as monitoring lot of processes and accordingly controlling many other processes.

What is instrumentation?instrumentation-control-company-Dubai-UAE

Generally, instrumentation involves measurement and control of various  parameters as listed below, which are different types of input devices:

  1. Temperature of the surroundings, temperature of gas, liquid, molten metal etc, eg. a temperature sensor
  2. Humidity of the atmosphere inside a room or outdoors eg. a humidity sensor
  3. The rate of flow of liquid, gas etc. eg. a flow meter. Measuring flow is a major part of the instrumentation.
  4. The level of water, liquid etc. eg. an ultra-sound level meter.
  5. The distance between various points such as moving objects, movement of a metal sheet in a CNC machine etc.
  6. The angle between different moving components.
  7. The pressure of air, liquid, gas etc. eg. a pressure meter.instrumentation-of-process-system
  8. The Viscosity of a liquid.
  9. The voltage, current, frequency etc. of an electrical system. eg a voltage sensor, a voltmeter etc.

Now there are output devices which carry out certain actions depending on the values given by the inputs values from the input devices. Few examples of these output devices are;

  1. A valve which controls the flow rate of a liquid.
  2. A solenoid which operates certain components.
  3. A pneumatic or hydraulic activated system for moving a heavy object such as a sheet metal.
  4. An actuator which controls certain other parts of a machine.

In a process, there are various actions and activities to be carried out based on various parameters being measured. These parameters have to be continuously monitored and recorded and certain other actions need to be carried out based on these inputs. This requires a high level of complex algorithms which carry out fast actions based on the measured values. This whole system of controlling a process is covered under instrumentation.

What is Control & Instrumentation?instrumentation-meters

The term instrumentation also is known as control & instrumentation. These terms are used interchangeably. All instrumentation solutions generally require control and measurement of various parameters which result in a solution known as instrumentation.

Products & solutions for instrumentation by Vacker,Dubai

We provide various products and solutions for instrumentation of various commercial and industrial needs. Few of the major products and services are:

  1. Various components required for instrumentation such as meters, sensors, solenoids, valves etc.
  2. Instrumentation solutions for oil & gas industries, drilling process, refineries etc.
  3. Design & implementation of Process control for steel mill projects.
  4. Design & implementation Process control for cement plants.instrumentation-of-cement-plant
  5. Supply of instrumentation panels, control panels etc.
  6. Marine instrumentation projects involving numerous control and measurement instruments.
Roles of Instrumentation company / Control & Instrumentation company

The customer will be providing only a sequence of activities required in their process.An instrumentation company has to design the entire flow of events and decide the components to be used. Thereafter the complete supply & installation process will have to be carried out by the instrumentation company.

Vacker Group, Dubai carries out projects in India and all Middle East countries covering United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan etc.