Sensors for Indoor farming, Greenhouses, hydroponics & Aquaponics

Hydroponics is an agricultural method in which plants are grown without using soil. However, this is a very controlled environment and a lot of conditions need to be monitored continuously so that the conditions are favourable for the plants. Depending on the type of plant being grown, the conditions might be altered.

For indoor farming, we need to control the environment. For achieving this, we supply a lot of sensors such as Temperature, Humidity, Light, Direction of Wind, Soil parameters etc. We supply control panels integrating all these sensors.

Sensors for Hydroponics & Indoor farming

Various conditions to be monitored and corresponding sensors being supplied by us are:humidity-sensor-for-hydroponics

  1. pH measurement using pH sensors.
  2. Dissolved Oxygen using Oxygen sensor.
  3. Water Temperature using metal temperature sensors.
  4. The conductivity of water (EC) and total dissolved solids (TDS).
  5. Water Level using different types of level sensors.
  6. Air Temperature sensors to measure atmospheric temperature.
  7. Relative Humidity using electronic humidity sensors.
  8. Light measurement using light sensors.
  9. Light colour sensors using colour sensors.
  10. Carbon dioxide sensor to check the level of CO2 in the air.
  11. Various gases such as Hydrogen, Nitrogen etc.

Internet-connected centralised recording system with sensors for farming

We can measure various parameters as listed above and can be connected to a centralised internet-connected system so that you can store huge amount of data and many users can access the data for monitoring and analysis. the data can be stored for any number of years. This will be especially useful for analysing historical data.temperature-sensor-for-hydroponics

Alert system for hydroponics using sensors

While monitoring various parameters as explained previously, you may prefer to receive an alert if any of the parameters go beyond dangerous levels. In such cases, we can provide a telephone and SMS alert system as well as a local siren system so that the personnel can be alerted. eg. If the air temperature goes above certain limits, it causes damage to the plants. In such case phone, calls will be generated up to 10 personnel and a recorded voice message will be delivered indicating the exact nature of the fault. At this instance, if you are not near your farm, you can check the current parameters through the internet. We can provide multiple types of warning system incorporating temperature sensors suitable for farming, humidity sensors suitable for farming, water sensors suitable for farming, light sensors suitable for farming & wind sensors suitable for farming.

Automation for hydroponics and aquaponics

We provide automation solutions for various activities required in a typical plant covering the following:

  1. Loading and unloading of plants.
  2. Watering system for the plants.
  3. Monitoring temperature and humidity to control various activities.
  4. Recording various air parameters.
  5. Precise air control based on the required parameters.
  6. Humidity control to increase or decrease the humidity.

Please see our separate article on LED lighting for indoor farming.

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