Smart display system for product display by Vacker UAE

This is ‘Provac’ smart display solution by Vacker Group. This is a simple display system for displaying product details on a TV screen or a computer screen . Different products will be normally kept on a shelf or a display rack. When a particular product is picked up, corresponding details will be shown on the TV screen. When the customer picks up two products, the details of both the products will be shown on screen. A common product video will run on the Background continuously.

In this video we are explaining the features using display rack of mobile phones. When any particular phone is picked up, the corresponding details or specifications are shown in the TV screen. When multiple products are picked up all the details of corresponding mobile phones will be displayed on screen.

As an example we have displayed only three phones are displayed in this video. However up to 10 phones can be displayed. At a time maximum of 4 phones can be displayed on the screen.

This system helps customer to shortlist few phones by comparing on the TV screen. Customer can compare different models one by one by looking at the technical details and price on screen and helps him reach a decision faster.

Various other products such as watches, shoes, chocolates, shoes etc. can be displayed for which the details an be displayed.

The system works through an array of sensors and microprocessors. When a product is picked up the sensors is activated and corresponding signal activates the related image on screen. The sensors are placed below the products which continuously monitors whether the image is present or not. The images and videos are customizable by the user simply by inserting into the corresponding directories of the software.


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