Sound Sensor, Motion, Presence,Occupancy Sensor supplier UAE

Sound sensors are used to check sound and generate corresponding analog or digital signals for using with other automation systems. Thesound-sensor-supplier-uae basic principle is to detect sound by using a microphone and amplify the same using a mini amplifier. The level of the detected sound can be converted to analog or digital signals. The sensitivity can be changed by adjusting the volume level. The sensitivity has to be adjusted to suit the environment sound so that it will not generate false signals. Operating voltage : 4 – 12V Operating current: 2 – 10 mA Voltage Gain: 28dB Microphone Impedance: 2.4KΩ Microphone sensitivity(1Khz): 52- 42dB Microphone Frequency: 20 – 16Khz Microphone S/N ratio: 48dB Vacker UAE is biggest supplier in the Middle East for various types of sensors such as presence, motion, PIR, Occupancy, gas detection, sound , liquid etc. Vacker operates in UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia & Iraq

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