Supplier of Cables and Connectors in UAE,Saudi,Kuwait,Oman,Qatar and African countries (

Vacker Group is supplying various types of Special cables and connectors for all industrial needs Vacker operates directly and through associates in UAE,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Iraq. Also we supply all these items in African countries such as Nigeria, Sudan,Ethiopia,Ghana,Djibouti etc.

The latest type of elevator cable being supplied by Vacker is detailed here under:



  • Annealed bare or tinned copper conductor
  • Copper Purity 99.97% IACS
  • Specialised PVC Compound for All Weather Adoptability
  • HIGH Flexibility
  • Number Coding / Color Coding
  • -20Degree C to 80Degree C
  • Weather Proof
  • Available Sizes: 0.5sqmm to 2.5sqmm
  • Available Cores: 4C to 16C
  • Packaging: 500Mtr & 1000Mtr Drums

Please go through our dedicated website for all your requirements of cables and connectors.

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