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PIR Sensor Supplier UAE

PIR Sensors means Passive Infrared Sensor. This used Infrared technology to detect objects in its vicinity. The general applications are Motion and Presence Sensors for controlling lights or other electrical circuits based on the motion and presence of human beings.

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Sensor Supplier in UAE,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Oman,Qatar & Iraq (Also see

Motion Sensors and Presence Sensors utilization in school laboratory for Energy Conservation Vacker Group , UAE is a supplier of Motion and Presence Sensors (Also known as Occupancy sensors) in UAE,Kuwait,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Qatar & Iraq. Also Vacker supplies these sensors to

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Automated School Laboratory done at Kuwait using Motion and Presence Sensors

Vacker Group did a project in Kuwait converting 4 existing class rooms into modern laboratories- Chemical, Biology, Physics and Computer laboratories. All the lighting, AC and security systems in the new laboratories were automated using Motion and Presence sensors. The

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