Temperature Monitor and Recorder with 4 Sensors

This temperature monitoring device can take inputs from 4 different sensors and a single screen can show display from all the 4 sensors. Each sensor can be pulltemperature-sensor-monitored to a distance of 30 meters from the monitoring device and hence can even monitor temperature of 4 separate rooms, 4 different refrigerators etc. The device has its own memory to record the data for couple of months (depending on sampling interval). The device can function as a fully stand alone system or can be connected to a computer or LAN for data download, monitoring etc.

Alarm function can be set separately for each sensor with upper and lower limits and the delay timer also can be defined for each sensor.

We have supplied the system with facility for making a phone call & SMS to 4 operators in case of an alert event. The phone call when attended will deliver a voice message indicating the type of fault. The calls will be made continuously until one of them picks up the call and acknowledges by pressing the # button. If the fault is not rectified within a certain period (eg. 15 minutes), the phone calls will be made once again and so on.

Also we can provide alerts through emails to any number of emails and the whole system can be connected to internet if required. The device can also be used for measuring Humidity by changing with suitable sensors

The installations so far carried out by us include:

Pharmaceutical warehousestemperature-monitor-sensor-alarm
Food Industry
Ships (for measuring the temperature of the cargo haul which is not accessible by other means)
Hospitals (Refrigerators, ICU etc.)
Furnaces for Industries
Data Center and Server Rooms



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