Vacker UAE is appointed as distributor for ENIKA & AMIT for Sensors and Automation components


Vacker UAE is proud to announce to its customers that it has been appointed as the authorized distributor of sensors and automation products of well-known company ENIKA & AMIT. With the association, Vacker UAE has added to its already impressive list of goods that it supplies in all over UAE. These will definitely complement the capabilities of Vacker sensor solutions and Vacker Automation solutions.

With the association now Vacker UAE will be able to provide the customers of UAE with best-automated lighting systems and products. We ensure that all the products supplied by our company are of the international standard that has high life expectancy with good quality. We understand that association with ENIKA & AMIT Automation will help us provide our customers with the best products as the company are highly experienced in supplying automated lighting system for all kinds of purposes.

We supply various lighting management system for office buildings as well as residential buildings. The products are highly energy-efficient and are estimated to save up to almost 60% of energy. These lighting systems are highly flexible and customizable as per the requirement of our customers. Our products are designed in such a way that they can easily be integrated with the automation system of any building automation system.

The lighting systems consist of components and sensors that are easy to install and highly user friendly. The products are one of the most sustainable types of lighting systems which will definitely make a light load for the pocket of our customers. All the products are certified by LEED and BREEM. The lighting systems are very easy to change as well as expandable if required.

The lighting system comes with wireless sensors, receivers and transmitters that help in developing the most systematic lighting automation system that will ensure maximum energy savings in a building. We are always focused on bringing our customers with the most user-friendly lighting system which also includes all types of general luminaries such as halogen light, LED light, fluorescent light. We also give special care toward bringing products that are environment-friendly and are easily compatible with the central automation system.

The lighting system uses POSEIDON Asistent software which is a highly effective software. The software helps in setting the most suitable configuration of the lighting system. The lighting system can be controlled remotely with the help of software.

We hope to bring more and more innovative solutions in the field of sensors and automation with the association to our customers.

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