Warning system for Fork lifts approaching each other

We are briefly describing our forklift anti-collision alert system.

In a warehouse or factory, there will be many forklifts moving around and it is always a safety hazard for personnel on the floor. One of the major safety risks is collision between forklifts at corners and around racks which are blind points. This solution will provide alerts to the operators when two forklifts are nearby. This forklift anti-

Forklift anti-collision alert system

collision alert system is suited for a crowded warehouse with lots of hidden spots and racks.

Also, we can provide another system which will generate alerts when a fork lifts approaches a human being or a wall or any other fixed objects. However, this is better suited in a large open warehouse without racks. Otherwise, it will be constantly generating alerts

Each forklift will have a couple of receivers and transmitters which will continuously transmit and receive the ultrasonic signals.

Method of Operation of Forklift alert system

The method of operation of the forklift alert system is explained hereunder.

  1. The transmitters will be continuously emitting ultrasonic signals once the forklift is switched on.
  2. Each forklift will have multiple transmitters and receivers based on the size.
  3. Transmitters and receivers will be paired with each other at a certain frequency.
  4. The receivers are connected to a processor to an alarm. The alarm is connected to each forklift.
  5. When two forklifts come close to each other (Approx. 15m), the alarm will be activated.

Sensor of Forklift Anti-collision system

Long-Range Ultrasonic Sensor, ideal for use with Robots and other applications. This unit has excellent directivity and sensitivity. Suitable for dual use, with standard operating frequency.

  1. Detection Range of each sensor is up to 26 meters. The idea is to give an alert when two forklifts are within 26 meters from each other. If you want longer range the same can be offered. However, this may cause a lot of unwanted alarms.
  2. Nominal Frequency of the sensor is 40kHz.
  3. The operating temperature of the sensor is  from -30°C to +85°C.
  4. The dimension of the sensor is 16mm Diameter, 12mm High excluding pins. Pins will be 6mm High. The sensors have to fit at different corners of the forklift around the operator area so that it will not be damaged. If you have special requirements, we will design special mounting arrangements to suit the purpose.

The same forklift anti-collision alert system can be used for other heavy machinery such as cranes, earth moving equipment, road rollers etc.

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