Forklift Anti-collision & Warning System for Factories and Warehouses

We are briefly describing our forklift anti-collision warning system mainly for factories, warehouses etc. We can provide a system to detect personnel and give an alert to the driver as well as the personnel on the floor.

In a warehouse or factory, there will be many forklifts, stackers or pallet trolleys moving around. It is always a safety hazard for personnel on the floor. One of the major safety risks is a collision between forklifts at corners and around racks which are blind points. This solution will provide alerts to the operators when two forklifts are nearby. This forklift anti-collision alert system is suitable for a crowded warehouse with lots of hidden spots and racks.

Also, we can provide systems which will generate alerts when a forklift approaches a human being or a wall or any other fixed object. This is better suited in warehouses with a lot of operators on the floor. The operators will have tags in their dresses which will vibrate.

Each forklift will have a receiver and transmitter which will continuously transmit and receive the ultrasonic signals.

Alert System for Forklifts Approaching Other Forklifts or Personnel in Blind Corners

The need is to alert the forklift operators, especially in blind corners in the following situations:

  1. Two forklifts, stackers or pallet trolleys approaching each other in a blind corner.
  2. Forklifts or stackers approaching people in a blind corner.

We can achieve this through two different technologies

Forklift Warning System Using RFID

The method of operation of the forklift alert system is explained hereunder.fork-lift-anti-collision-alert-system

  1. The transmitters will continuously emit ultrasonic signals once the forklift is switched on.
  2. Each forklift will have multiple transmitters and receivers based on size.
  3. The system pairs the transmitters and receivers with each other at a certain frequency.
  4. The receivers transmit the data to a processor to generate alarms. Each forklift will have sensors.
  5. The system will activate the alarm when two forklifts come close to each other.

The Sensor of the Forklift Anti-collision System

Long-Range Ultrasonic Sensor, ideal for use with Robots and other applications. This unit has excellent directivity and sensitivity. Suitable for dual use, with standard operating frequency.

  1. The detection range of each sensor is up to 26 meters. The idea is to give an alert when two forklifts are within 26 meters of each other. If you want a longer range the same can be offered. However, this may cause a lot of unwanted alarms.
  2. The nominal Frequency of the sensor is 40kHz.
  3. The operating temperature of the sensor is from -30°C to +85°C.
  4. The dimension of the sensor is 16mm Diameter, 12mm High excluding pins. Pins will be 6mm High. The sensors have to fit at different corners of the forklift around the operator area so that it will not be damaged. If you have special requirements, we will design special mounting arrangements to suit the purpose.

Warning System to Detect Walking People and Give Alert Through a Vibration Tagcollision-warning-for-forklifts-and-humans-on-shopfloor

We can provide a system consisting of RFID tags for the people operating on the floor. This will be part of their regular work uniform. When a forklift approaches very close to them, the tag will vibrate alerting the people on the floor as well as the driver. A tag will be fixed on the uniform worn by the operator on the floor. It will vibrate when a forklift is approaching.

The system works by measuring the proximity between the vehicle and the person on the floor. The distance is adjustable based on your operations. Initially, the vehicle will make a sound. As the vehicle gets closer, the vehicle will automatically generate a higher sound. If the person is still within a specific distance, the tag worn by the walking person will create vibrations.

The same forklift anti-collision alert system can be used for other heavy machinery such as cranes, earth-moving equipment, road rollers etc.

We can also provide a forklift monitoring system on a computer screen or on a tablet. This will indicate the locations of the forklifts. This system can collect continuous data and will also help you in data analytics.

Automatic Speed Reduction System for Forklift Anti-Collision

Forklift collisions and possible collisions with other obstructions are predicted using this new system, which uses sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and sophisticated algorithms.

The automatic speed reduction system operates through a combination of detection, analysis, and response stages. Advanced sensors and cameras strategically placed on the forklift and in its vicinity gather comprehensive data about the operating environment. AI algorithms process this data, utilizing complex models to discern patterns, predict potential collision points, and calculate the optimum speed reduction required to avert a collision.

The system’s decision-making process considers variables such as the forklift’s speed, trajectory, load weight, and the presence of obstacles or pedestrians. This holistic approach ensures that the speed reduction is both timely and appropriate, minimizing disruptions to workflow while prioritizing safety.

When the system identifies a potential collision scenario, it instantaneously communicates with the forklift’s control unit. Through a seamless integration of real-time data analysis and decision-making, the forklift’s speed is automatically adjusted to a safer and more appropriate level, mitigating the risk of collisions and subsequent accidents. Preventing accidents and minimizing damages to goods, infrastructure, and equipment is achieved through a proactive approach. This system is versatile enough to be used in a wide range of operational environments, including warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Embracing safety while ensuring efficiency, the automatic speed reduction system for forklift anti-collision exemplifies the synergy between technology and well-being at work, ultimately leading to a safer and more productive work environment.

Forklift operations appear poised for a transformation as industries embrace such cutting-edge safety mechanisms, resulting in increased safety, streamlined processes, and improved productivity.

Forklift Anti-collision System Using CCTV and Artificial Intelligence

This system works with CCTVs installed in the warehouse. All the CCTVs are connected to a centralized software program operating with Artificial intelligence. The system can continuously monitor various moving equipment, personnel etc. It can calculate the speed of moving vehicles and monitor blind corners as well.

The warning system will be ideally red lights and sirens fixed in the blind corners. When there are two vehicles approaching each other in a blind corner, the red light will be activated. We can provide a siren fitted in the forklift as well. Currently, this system is in development.

An additional advantage of this system is that it can analyze various other operating parameters and use data analytics to improve efficiency.  This can include overcrowding of operators in a certain area, congestion of vehicles or personnel in any area, movement frequency in different periods of time, events like load falling off the forklift etc.

Please check the latest specification and prices with our offices.

In the Middle East, we supply these forklift anti-collision systems in the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, etc.
In Africa, we serve countries including Kenya, Algeria, Tanzania, Djibouti, Chad, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Angola, South Africa, etc.

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