Water leakage sensor with Phone call & SMS alert

There are many applications where even minor leakage of water will be harmful and hence need to  be alerted immediately.Typical applications are warehouses, cold rooms, server rooms, data centers, offices etc.

Water leakage sensor & detectorwater-leakage-detectors

We are explaining Sontay, UK make water leakage detection system here. The system has a detection module which has to be mounted inside a box or a panel. Also the system has a sensor cable which has to be connected to the detection module. The sensor cable comes in different lengths such as 2, 5,10,20 & 25 meters.A 20 meter cable is shown in the image to he right side. This cable has to be laid on the floor or wall as the application may be. The cable contains an element which detects any water detection.

The module is connected to a  230 VAC power supply or 24 VDC (separate models). The sensors is connected to the terminals of this module. There is an inbuilt alarm system which will generate an audible alarm and a visual alarm (LED) upon any water detection. There are two auxiliary contacts,1 no. each Normally closed and Normally open (NO/NC) contacts.

These contacts can be used to eternal alarms, phone call & SMS alarms, signalling to automation systems etc.

The sensitivity of detection can be adjusted by a simple button on the device. Also there are different reset options available viz. auto reset and manual reset.water-leakage-sensor-cables

Phone call and SMS alert system for water leakage detection

We provide a complete system with our phone call and SMS alert device. The autodialler by Vacker can take input from upto 4 different sensors The major features are:

  1. Upon detection of a water leakage, the system will make phone calls for up to 10 operators
  2. When a recipient attends a phone call, a customized voice message will be delivered indicating the nature and location of the fault
  3. If the person does not attend the phone call, the phone call will be generated to the second person and so on.
  4. The device operates with a SIM card
  5. The device has a rechargeable battery back up.
  6. The device can take inputs from other sensors such as temperature alert, humidity alert, power failure alert, smoke detection, motion sensor, presence sensor, door opening etc. In each case the person who receives the phone call will hear separate voice message indicating the exact nature of the event.



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