Water Leakage Sensor Supplier UAE,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia

Water leakage sensors are  utilised to continuously monitor water leakage in any particular area especially critical areas (Water leakage sensor) such as server rooms, data centers, raised floors, pipes, hospital rooms, art galleries etc.water-leakage-sensor-supplier-uae

HW Group supplies products and solutions for detecting water leakage for all such applications. The water leakage sensors are in the form of long cables which sense any leakage of water and produce an alert. The sensor comes in various lengths upto 50 meter and will be laid in the particular area to be monitored. The device will be connected to LAN network. Upon detecting water leakage, various forms of alert can be generated such as Email,SMS,Phone call, Siren etc. thus promptly alerting the operators about the leakage.

Water Leakage Sensor Detection for Server Rooms / Data Center

Typical application for Water leakage detection in a medium sized server room or server room is explained here under:

Water leakage sensor of approximately 50 meters will be laid out on the floor or under the raised floor depending upon the requirement. The sensor will be connected to a detector which will be connected to the LAN. The software associated with the detector will generate Email and SMS alerts upon occurrence of any water leakage. A Poseidon device is for additional functionalities which will provide dry contacts for connecting to Local Alarm devices and also can be utilised for generating Phone call alerts.

Vacker Group has been a major sensor supplier in UAE and other Middle East countries providing various sensor solutions for all industrial and commercial needs covering the following:

Temperature Sensors

Humidity Sensors

Gas Leakage Sensors

Chemical Leakage sensors

Automation sensors

Vibration sensor

Air flow Sensor

Vacker Group is based in UAE and operates directly and through associates in Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Oman,Qatar,Nigeria,Ethiopia,Djibouti,Ghana and other African countries.

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