Wifi Water leakage sensor with call, SMS and email alerts

Water leakage need to be critically monitored in all type of establishments, which result in extreme damages. These are WiFi connected water leakage sensors which will generate phone call, SMS or Email alerts in the event of water detection.

Features of WiFi water leakage sensor:

a. WiFi connected deviceWireless-water-leakage-sensor

b. External sensors which can be placed anywhere

c. Phone call, SMS and Email alert system

d. Optional Cloud based software for remote monitoring

e. Typical applications include residential, commercial applications

f. Battery powered device

g. Also can be powered using normal electrical supply

h. Low battery alert will be generated if powered on battery

Other WiFi Sensors

Other sensors with WiFi communication include:

a. Temperature sensor

b.Temperature & Humidity sensor

c. Motion sensor


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