Vacker Services Outline to Understand Us

Vacker is a multi service provider company that has been providing various kinds of engineering solution to the customers. Within a short period of time Vacker has been able to establish itself as one of the most reliable service provider in the countries of Middle East. Although Vacker is a multi-purpose company some of the main services provided by Vacker are discussed below:


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Sensor Related Queries


Sensors are devices which are engineered for recording or measuring of various physical properties as well as respond in a certain manner to a certain stimuli. Sensors have become one of the most important part of modern engineering and an integral part in the field of automation.

What are the types of sensors?

Based on the application sensors cab be mainly divided into two categories which are industrial process and automation sensors and non-sensors. Based on the power requirement sensors can be divided into two types which are active sensors. Active sensors are those types of sensors which run with the help of a certain power source while passive sensors are those types of sensors which do not depend upon any kind of power source for their operation.

What is motion sensor?


Sensors that are capable of detecting motion of various kinds of bodies are known as motion sensors. Motion sensors have a wide range of application in the modern industries and commercial buildings. it is also used for security reasons. Here are some of the main applications of motion sensors:

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Vacker supplies Sensors



The sensor division of Vacker UAE is the best place for all kinds of sensors and automation systems. Our product range is wide providing sensors for industries as well as domestic and commercial buildings. Temperature sensors, motion sensors, environment sensors, gas sensors, electrical sensors etc. are some of the sensors available in wide range of products. We have been able to establish ourselves as one of the leading company in the sensor division in a short period of time in UAE. We provide customized sensor systems for all kinds of customers. Some of the sensors that are available in our company are as follows:

buy-gas-sensor-in-dubai-uaeGas sensors

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Vacker UAE is appointed as distributor for ENIKA & AMIT for Sensors and Automation components


Vacker UAE is proud to announce to its customers that it has been appointed as the authorized distributor of sensors and automation products of well-known company ENIKA & AMIT. With the association, Vacker UAE has added to its already impressive list of goods that it supplies in all over UAE.

With the association now Vacker UAE will be able to provide the customers of UAE with best-automated lighting systems and products. We ensure that all the products supplied by our company are of the international standard that has high life expectancy with good quality. We understand that association with ANIKA & AMIT will help us provide our customers with the best products as the company are highly experienced in supplying automated lighting system for all kinds of purposes.

We supply various lighting management system for office buildings as well as residential buildings. The products are highly energy efficient and are estimated to save up to almost 60% of energy. These lighting systems are highly flexible and customizable as per the requirement of our customers. Our products are designed is such a way that they can easily be integrated with the automation system of any building automation system.

The lighting systems consists of components and sensors that are easy to install and highly user friendly. The products are one of the most sustainable types of lighting systems which will definitely make a light load for the pocket of our customers. All the products are certified by LEED and BREEM. The lighting systems are very easy to change as well as expandable if required.

The lighting system comes with wireless sensors, receivers and transmitters that help in the developing the most systematic lighting automation system that will ensure maximum energy savings in a building. We are always focused on bringing our customers with the most user-friendly lighting system which also includes all types of general luminaries such as halogen light, LED light, fluorescent light. We also give special care toward bringing products that are environment-friendly and are easily compatible with the central automation system.

The lighting system uses POSEIDON Asistent software which is highly effective software. The software helps in setting the most suitable configuration of the lighting system. The lighting system can be controlled remotely with the help of software.

We hope to bring more and more innovative solutions in the field of sensors and automation with the association to our customers.

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Contact Vacker today for Sensors and Automation Solutions

contact-vackerVacker is one of the leading suppliers of automation solutions and sensors in the world. We have got a whole range of sensors and automation solutions for all kinds of industrial and residential purposes. Our services are available in various parts of the world mainly including the Middle East and African regions. Our automation and sensor division are categorized mainly in the following categories:

Building automationautomation-company-in-dubai-vacker

There are various parameters that need to be controlled inside a building environment. Parameters such as temperature, humidity, air pressure etc. can be controlled with the help of building automation systems. Building automation not only helps to create convenient and comfortable environment but also helps to create a healthy and safe environment. Building automation helps the user to control the automation system of a building even from a remote place by connecting the system to the internet. Some of the parameters and factors that are mostly related to building automation are control access, HVAC system, light control, Surveillance system, water level monitoring, KNX and much more. Vacker supplies all kinds of building automation systems for all kinds of homes, villas and apartments.

Indoor air quality monitoring

Pollution has become a part of our life. With the increasing urbanization, there’s no running away from the pollution. One of the factors that have been mostly affected by the increasing pollution is the quality of air. Modern man spends most of their time indoors and hence maintaining the quality of indoors is one of the most important things for our health. As we all know that quality of air is directly related to our health. Good quality of air is required for good quality of life. Hence monitoring the indoor quality of air is very important to ensure good quality of air. We bring various kinds of indoor air quality monitoring systems for our customers. The indoor air quality systems help the user to constantly monitor the quality of the air inside a room even from a remote place. The monitoring system helps to alert the user if harmful elements in the air inside the room exceed the danger level. The indoor air quality air systems not only monitor the composition of air but also monitor other physical components such as humidity and temperature.

The indoor quality systems can be installed in all kinds of residential buildings as well as commercial buildings such as hospitals, banks, shopping malls, hotels etc.

Industrial automationindustrial-automation-company-in-dubai-uae-vacker

Automation in the industries has helped to revolutionize the industrial systems. In fact, the whole industrial automation is based on industrial automation. Industrial automation such as PLC Automation and Variable Frequency Drives has helped to increase the production rate of industries while keeping down the required manual help. Industrial automation also helps to increase the safety level in the industries while maintaining a convenient and comfortable environment for the people working. Through industrial automation, the labor cost and wastage of materials are significantly reduced. Automation also has helped increase the quality of products for the customers as well as contributes to the environmental well-being.


Vacker has been supplying various range of instrumentation solutions for all kinds of industries such as oil and gas industry, marine industry, food production industry etc. instrumentation helps in monitoring and controlling various parameters such as humidity, temperature, water or liquid level, air pressure, liquid pressure, viscosity of liquid, voltage, current, frequency etc. Vacker supplies devices such as meters, sensors, solenoids and valves. We provide customized industrial solutions for our customers according to the sequence of activities required in their processes.


The development of robotics has helped us to create a safe and convenient environment in industries, Robotics has helped to replace humans in some of the most dangerous environments to work in. Robots also help to increase the productivity of industries. Robotics is specially used in food and beverage industries as they help to meet the hygienic standards required in the industries. We have been introduced to robotics for more than half century. Various kinds of works are done by robots in industries such as welding, carrying loads, assembling and much more. Today the robotics industry is rapidly growing and we can only say that the development of robotics is going to make human life more and more comfortable and safe.

Pneumatic systems and components

Pneumatic systems and its components help to run various operations with the help of compressed air or gas. Pneumatic systems help to control the movement of various machinery and their parts. We supply all kinds of pneumatic components which are the following:

  • Pneumatic valves
  • Pneumatic cylinder
  • Pneumatic roller
  • Vacuum products
  • Pneumatic pipes and tubing accessories
  • Actuators
  • Solenoid valves
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Vacker supplies Sensors & Automation solutions in Africa

VackerGlobal sensors division has started supplying all types of sensors in the African region. VackerGlobal has been a major supplier of all sensors and a system integrator for automation solutions in the Middle East region.

Automation solutions and sensors in North Africa by Vacker

Vacker supplies wide range of sensors and automation solutions for a very sensors-by-Vacker-in-Africalong time. We are pleased to announce that we are now extending our services to the African region. We already have our prestigious customers in major African countries covering Nigeria, Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Sudan, Ghana, Kenya and Djibouti. We have our head office in Dubai, where regular stock of all major sensors are available.

Products & Services by Vacker in Africa

We are presently supplying the following products in the African region:

  1. Motion sensors for detecting motion inside offices, apartments, commercial buildings and to activate lighting systemsmotion-sensors-by-Vacker-in-Africa
  2. Presence sensors for detecting presence of human beings especially inside schools, libraries, universities etc.
  3. Proximity sensors for measuring proximity for industrial applications, cars etc.
  4. Gas sensors for checking level of gaseous content in various types of industries.
  5. Oxygen sensors and Oxygen detectors for measuring oxygen level in the air for industrial and commercial applications.water-leakage-detection-sensor-by-Vacker-Africa
  6. Carbon Monoxide sensors or detectors for measuring the level of CO in industrial applications, parking lots, generator rooms etc.
  7. Carbon dioxide sensors or detectors for measuring CO2 in industrial environments, hospitals etc.
  8. Water level sensors for water tanks, sewage tanks etc. which can activate pumping motor, a phone call or SMS alert etc. We provide different types such as ultrasonic water level sensors, float level switch etc.Programmable-logic-controller-and-BACNET-Panel
  9. Liquid sensors including Petrol and Diesel level sensors for petrol tanks, diesel tanks.
  10. Water leakage sensors with alert systems for giving phone call and SMS alerts in case of even minute water leak in any areas, rooms, pump rooms, server rooms, food storage rooms etc.
  11. Programmable Logic controllers (PLC) for all industrial automation requirements.
  12. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for industrial motors for precise control.monitoring-sensors-with-phone-alert-by-Vacker-Africa
  13. Frequency converters for converting 60 Hz frequency to 50 Hz and vice versa.
  14. Vibration sensors for measuring vibration for machinery, generator etc.
  15. SCADA systems for central control systems. We undertake design, supply and commissioning of complete SCADA solutions.
  16. Human Machine Interface screens (HMI) for industrial automation solutions.
  17. Thermocouple sensors for measuring any temperature from -200 Deg C to 1600 Deg C for industrial applications, hospitals, cryogenic tanks, liquid nitrogen tanks etc.
  18. Temperature sensors with recording facility and phone call and SMS alert systems. If the temperature level goes above or below the programmed levels, it will generate phone call and SMS to 4 operators
  19. Humidity sensors for measuring and recording humidity levels. Temperature sensors  and humidity sensors are very useful in data centers, server rooms, pharmaceutical stores, cold rooms, freezer rooms etc.
  20. Environment monitoring systems (EMS) for monitoring temperature, humidity, light level etc.
  21. Light sensors and lux sensors for measuring the level of illumination for outdoor and indoor applications.
  22. We also offer Lux study services for analyzing the light level for streets, commercial buildings etc. We provide a detailed report of the study.
  23. Indoor Air Quality monitoring sensors and IAQ system which measures various parameters of Air.
  24. Pneumatic components, pneumatic spares, complete pneumatic systems etc.
  25. We also undertake repair and servicing of robots and supply spares for robots.
  26. All type of sensors for machinery of any sort are being supplied by us and installed if required.
  27. Pressure sensors, negative sensors, positive sensors etc. are supplied by us for positive pressure rooms and negative pressure rooms in hospitals, clean rooms etc.
  28. Clean rooms and clean room monitoring systems are provided for laboratories, research centers, hospitals etc.
  29. Instrumentation components, gauges, meters etc. are supplies for all type if instrumentation requirements.
  30. For all types of industries and machinery, we provide design and installation of industrial automation systems.
  31. We undertake complete design and implementation of building automation systems in BACNet, KNX etc.
  32. We supply BACNET automation panel custom designed to meet your requirements.

Few of our major customers in the African region are

  • Climate Evolution Africa Ltd., Kenya
  • ABG Electromechanical Works, Ethiopia
  • Crone-Tech Ltd., Kenya
  • Dr Ubiaru Maduka, Nigeria
  • Aramex Kenya Ltd., Kenya
  • Panisco Engineering (Nig) Ltd, Nigeria
  • Betseobong Ekanem, Nigeria
  • Agunloye Emmanuel, Nigeria
  • Mr. Kabwe, Zambia
  • Coignsoft Limited, Nigeria
  • Tradecon (Msa) Ltd, Kenya
  • Hailu Metal Work Private Enterprise, Ethiopia
  • Olayinka, Nigeria
  • Great Nation Medical, Nigeria
  • Exotic Penina Fields Group, Kenya
  • Passo Procurement & Brokerage Ltd, Uganda
  • Sr. Aklesia Memorial Hospital, Ethiopia
  • Shaoma Nigeria Limited, Nigeria
  • Hidoz Filtration & Equipment Co. Ltd, Nigeria
  • Alfa Nutrition Animale, Tunisia
  • JomoKenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya
  • Au Chic Parisien Chez Ali, Djibouti
  • Paul Mensah, Nigeria
  • Sagamu Steel (Nigeria) Ltd, Nigeria
  • Lued (A) Chemicals Ltd., Kenya
  • Stone Hill Kenya Ltd, Kenya
  • Severine, Tanzania
  • Solomon Teshome, Ethiopia
  • Transtel, Uganda
  • Jonbel Tech. Electrical Works, Nigeria
  • Forem Enterprise, Ghana
  • Zedsons Ltd., Kenya
  • Dream Engineering Co., Sudan
  • AC Controls, Zimbabwe
  • Konex, Tanzania
  • Tunene Oil and Gas Limited, Nigeria
  • Travellers Beach Hotel & Club,  Kenya
  • Archbold Muhle, Zimbabwe
  • Tiberius Ilie Moldovan, Ethiopia
  • V.J.Mistry & Co. Ltd, Tanzania
  • PGA Tech Plc., Ethiopia
  • Clement Ajieh, Nigeria
  • Joseph Adeleye,  Nigeria
  • Accra Technical University, Ghana
  • Power Transmission Control, Kenya
  • Allied Mining Services Limited, Tanzania
  • Key Export Company Ltd., Kenya
  • Chinedu Ofili, Nigeria
  • Silicon Projects, Nigeria
  • Lambert Electromec, Ghana
  • Sidho Trading, Sudan
  • Florence Services & Ventures INC, Sudan
  • Secure Solution Engineering,  Sudan
  • Ahmed Omar, Somalia
  • Eric Arthur, Ghana
  • ULTRA, Sudan
  • Compact Power Electrical, Nigeria
  • Solumu Investments Limited, Zambia
  • Dahlak Island Resort, Eritrea
  • Ahmed Ibrahim, Kenya
  • Royal Products Pvt LTD, Malawi
  • Bin Shakir Building Materials Trading LLC, Malawi
  • Nano Hub Computers Ltd, Nigeria
  • Akpo Oyegwa Refrigeration Co., Nigeria
  • Various contractors at,  Tanzania

For all your requirements of sensors, industrial automation, process automation, building automation etc., please contact our representative at Kenya at Tel no: +254-20-5293767. Also you may send us an email and we will contact you within one working day.

Also we are looking for more partners and regional distributors in the African region. Please contact us in case your company is interested to become our associate.

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Automation Company

Automation Company

Vacker UAE is the specialist automation company providing different Automation Systems for both residential and commercial use. We are the proud server of the automation system in various cities of UAE such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah etc. Some of the top companies have been taking our automation services over the past many years as they trust our expert’s service and quality.automation-company-Vacker-Dubai

The main goal of our company is to bring the most advanced technology in the automation services as our company’s belief can be summarised in one slogan “Power to automate”. We believe in providing our clients with the best kind automation systems and production with the latest feature along with the most reasonable price possible. The success of Vacker can be easily assumed with the high rehiring rate of the company by the clients. It is a complete automation company in UAE that can provide you with any kind of automation system for your homes, offices and industries.

Our professionals have been known to collaborate with the clients and go through a detailed analysis to understand the requirements of the clients to get the optimum results from the installed systems and products. We focus on eliminating any faults or weak links and provide with technologically advanced solutions to our clients. With the guarantee from the experts, you can relax and be sure of getting the service of highest quality.

We specialise in different automation systems such as home automation, industrial automation, security systems, building automation, access control system and lighting control system.

Industrial Process Automationautomation-company-dubai

Vacker UAE supplies different types of Industrial Process Automation. Many cement plants, Glass factories and packaging industries are using our process automation to enhance their productivity. Our automation system has been able to minimise the human errors during the production of items in the industries. Our automation system has also been able to significantly decrease the labour cost in industries and save both time and energy. It also has helped increase the security level and decrease accidents in the workplace. Automation helps to perform dangerous operations in the industry which may be quite unsafe for the human workers.

Examples of Automation System provided by Vacker UAE:

  • Temperature automation of industrial furnaces
  • Shutter automation for different pharmaceutical warehouses
  • Pressure monitoring system for CNC machine
  • Building automation

We also provide different types of automation systems for commercial and residential buildings. The introduction of automation system helps to save the energy consumption of energy in the building or home. The building automation system helps to control different parameters of the building to a comfortable level. Humidity, air quality, temperature etc. are some of the parameters controlled by the automation system. Installation of the automation system also helps to increase the security level of the building. Motion Sensor, Presence Sensor, Access control system etc. has helped to increase the security system of the building. Choose the automation service provided by our company to make your building a smart building as it has become a vital cog of our modern life.

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Presence Sensor

Presence Sensor

Vacker UAE supplies different types of presence sensor like ceiling mounted presence sensor, wall mounted presence sensor etc. in the UAE region. We supply presence sensor for residential use as well as commercial use. These presence sensors are highly effective in conserving energy as well as precious time of the user. These presence sensors are commonly known as occupancy sensors are often confused with motion sensors but both these devices has different operating principles. Actually presence sensor is mostly considered to be more effective than the motion sensor. Our products can be found in different cities of UAE such as Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain, etc.

Sensor Division of Vacker

Vacker UAE has been providing different kinds of sensors which are widely used in automation of homes and industries. Some of the vastly used sensors in the automation industries are temperature sensor, motion sensor, presence sensor, humidity sensor etc. which are supplied exclusively by the sensor division of Vacker UAE. The evolution of our company as the total automation industry has been quiet fantastic. With several years of experience in the automation company and system integrator our company has not only been able to supply quality products to the current market demand but has set a strong foundation for the future development and progress in the field. Vacler UAE designated the division for the sole purpose of providing excellent service regarding the sensors, automation and system integrator.

Presence Sensor Features:

  • We provide sensors with instrumentation solutions that utilizes programmable logic controller for all type of process industries.
  • There are different types of environment sensors specialized to sense and monitor different types of environmental parameters which may include carbon dioxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide, toxic gases, chemical vapor etc.
  • There are also group of different types of light sensors available which gets activated on different level of light intensity. They generally are also combined with motion sensors or occupancy sensors.
  • There are also different types of sensors available such as mechanical sensors, optical sensors, liquid measurement sensors etc. supplied by our company.

What is a Presence Sensor?

Presence Sensor

One of the most important devices for the automation industry these devices have become a must for smart homes and offices. These presence sensors can be installed in the automation system with the help of different protocols such as KNX, Modbus, Lonworks, etc. Our presence sensor helps you to monitor your child, pets or any other person of your desire. They can notify you about the person or pets in case they come or leave a certain specified region. We provide both indoor and outdoor models of presence sensor.

The presence sensors are different from the motion sensor in a sense that these sensors do not detect the movement but they sense the presence of human beings or other animals. They are capable of sensing the presence even if the person or animal monitored remain completely still. They are capable of sensing people or animal even without the movement because they are capable of sensing the temperature of living beings generated from their body.

There are various terminologies used for presence sensors such as presence detector, occupancy detector, passive infrared radiation sensor (PIR), presence detecting sensor, infrared sensor switch etc.

How do Motion Sensors differ from Presence Sensors?

Presence Sensor

Motion sensors detect the movement of a body while presence sensors are capable of detecting the heat generated from a living body. Motion sensors will not be able to detect a person if he remains completely still without movement but motions sensors can detect the person even if he show no movement at all. When a motion sensor is installed in a lighting system the lights turns on automatically when the person moves in the installed area but if the person stops moving for some reason the light will automatically turn off this can cause a lot of problem. This does not happen if you install presence sensor in the lighting system. These sensors are especially important for the lighting system in rest rooms as people tend to stay idle in rest rooms for a long period of time. This also hold true for a library room as people generally show very low movement during studying books for a long period of time. These sensors are also important for classrooms as well as washrooms.

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Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared Motion Sensor

Vacker UAE has been working in the automation industry for a very long period of type. One of the many devices that are used abundantly in the automation industry is the Infrared Motion Sensor. Our top quality motion sensors can be purchased in different cities of UAE including Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain.

Vacker UAE is proud to announce that some of the well reputed companies of UAE are its loyal customers. Some of our top customers in the UAE region are ABB, NOVARTIS, Emirates Aquatech, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Pharmatrade, Julphar, Oilfields Supply Center Ltd., Chilis, MITSBISHI, Punj Lloyd, Taiba, ALGHANIM Healthcare, JAMAC, Etisalat, KHIDMAH, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Hilton Hotel and Resorts, AL RAWABI, DHL, Emirates Sky cargo, etc.

Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared motion sensor is the kind of motion sensor that can detect the motion of objects with the help of infrared rays emitted from the object. Infrared motion sensor finds its usefulness especially in automation industry. It has a huge role to play in home security as well as security of commercial buildings. It is also very necessary for the automation of lighting systems. Automatic door is another example of usefulness of infrared motion sensor. Infrared motion sensors are also used by different security departments for search operation or investigation operation.

Working principle of Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared Motion Sensor detects an input and then provides an output. The sensor generally consists of two slots which are sensitive to infrared radiation emitted by a person’s skin. The sensors do not emit any kind of energy hence, it is called passive infrared. Hence, it is different from the electric eye.

Infrared Motion Sensor for Home Security

The world has become a very unsafe place to live in. We hear news of intrusion of thieves, burglars in homes almost on a daily basis. Hence, it has become very necessary to increase the security of homes which can be done with the installation of infrared motion sensors which is also commonly known as Passive Infrared Motion Sensor.

Infrared motion sensor can detect the motion of an intruder in the home and alert the home owner about the intrusion. The sensors can alert us about the intrusion by activating an alarm in our smartphone even when we are not around the house. Some security systems start recording when motion is detected by the motion sensor.

Advantages of Motion Sensor

Infrared Motion Sensor

There are various advantages of Motion Sensor such as:

  • The motion sensor is capable of triggering a doorbell when someone from outside is approaching the door.
  • They help to automate the lighting system and save energy and time.
  • They can alert the user when someone enters any restricted part in the house.
  • They alert parents about the breakout of curfew in home by kids.
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Buzzer and Thermal Sensor Dubai

Buzzer and Thermal Sensor Dubai

Vacker UAE has been providing different engineering solutions Buzzer and Thermal Sensor Dubairelated to our daily problems. You can get different models of thermal sensors both analog, digital and other various types from Vacker UAE for commercial as well as residential use. Our thermal sensors are very accurate and reliable. These items can be found in different cities of UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah Sharjah, etc.

Our thermal sensors have the capability to measure very low temperature and can even sense the temperature difference as low as 0.25 degree Celsius. Various types of thermal sensors are as follows:

  • Analog and digital
  • LAN/Ethernet wired
  • Wireless thermal sensors
  • Thermal sensors with Bluetooth and Wifi
  • Contact and non-contact type
  • Remote thermal sensor

Remote Thermal Sensor

Buzzer and Thermal Sensor Dubai

One of the most popular type of thermal sensor supplied by our company Vacker UAE is the remote thermal sensor. The user can monitor the temperature remotely which may be wireless. The remote thermal sensor may operate on different monitoring mode which may be operated through Wi-Fi, Radio frequency, etc. The user also can have different alert systems installed within the device such as SMS alert system, email alert system, phone call alert system, etc. Generally, these remote thermal sensors are popular for commercial use in industries. There are different features of our remote thermal sensors which are as follows:

  • It is capable of monitoring temperature, humidity, pressure continuously for a very long period of time.
  • It is capable of automatic update of software.
  • It possesses the feature of reminding for recalibration automatically.
  • It has a versatile four alarm threshold.
  • It follows the protocol according to the FDA code 21 CFR par 11 hence it is useful for food industries, life science and healthcare.
  • It follows the Zigbee protocol for communication.
  • It consists of calibration with 10 point NIST.
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