Vacker supplies all types of sensors for all commercial and industrial applications. You may see brief details of all such sensors as follows.

Type of Automation Sensors

Even though an exact classification for numerous types of automation sensors is extremely difficult, we list out the major classifications hereunder. Each of these sensors may fall into multiple categories. If you do not see your particular sensor in these classifications, please contact us for proper selection. Any automation essentially involves lot of sensors and hence all of them can be generally called as automation sensors

Gas sensors & Chemical sensors

Chemical and Gas sensors are one of the major types of automation sensor, used to detect the presence of a chemical in solid, liquid and gaseous forms. The most common type application is detecting gaseous form. Gas sensors are used to detect the various type of automation sensors dubai uaeenvironmental and chemical gases including hazardous and nonhazardous types. These are also called gas detectors or chemical detectors. Various type of gas sensors is available such as handheld detectors with a display, gas sensors with data loggers, sensors for connecting to automation systems for continuous real-time monitoring and alert facilities etc. The basic principle of latest technology gas sensors is that the resistance of the sensing element will change depending upon the gas detected. This variation in resistance will cause a corresponding in current flow which will then be converted to a reading. Normal applications include monitoring Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, air quality etc. Various toxic gases normally detected include Methane, H2S, Chlorine Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Hydrogen Chloride etc. more……

Electrical & Electronic Sensors

Any sensors used for measurement of electrical parameters are covered under this category. The parameters include current, voltage, inductance, capacitance etc. Electrical sensors and electronic sensors are used to sense various related parameters of electrical and electronic instrument. Most of the sensors of these days work based on the principle of conversion into electrical current. However, under this classification, we are specifically mentioning about sensors used to detect Electrical and Electronic parameters such as voltage, current, frequency etc.more……..

Environment Sensorsenvironment-sensors-for-data-center-and-server-rooms

Environment sensors are for sensing general environment parameters such as temperature,
humidity, light etc. typically in data center, server room etc. These automation sensors used for detection of environment gases are separately classified under gas sensors. more…

Liquid Sensors & Meters

As the name indicates Liquid sensors are used to sense various parameters related to liquids. A liquid sensor is used to detect various parameters such as level, flow, pressure, temperature etc. for various liquids including oil, fuel, diesel, petrol, water etc. Liquid meters use a combination of liquid sensor and a display unit. The purpose is to provide an indication of the measured parameter in a meter, which will be located very near to the sensor or can be placed at a considerable distance.more……

Mechanical Sensors

In industries, there are numerous mechanical parameters to be monitored and measured for which mechanical sensors are utilised. The mechanical parameters commonly used are vibration, acceleration, pressure, flow, torque etc. Each of the sensors is known corresponding to their measured parameter such as vibration sensor, an acceleration sensor, pressure sensor, flow sensor, torque sensor etc. respectively.more…….

Motion sensorvibration-sensor-and-data-logger

These are for sensing motion of human beings or other living beings in an open or enclosed area and to control or operate electrical circuits based on the detection of such elements. As the name indicates, the motion sensor detects the motion and gives outputs signals. The output of all them are switching signals which will change the status from OFF to ON or vice versa upon detecting a change in the parameter being monitored. Motion sensors are used for various applications for energy saving in areas such as offices, kitchen, classrooms, corridors, stairways etc. The technology used for detection are infrared, ultrasonic / ultrasound, microwave etc. or a combination of these different technologies.
Major technical parameters for selection of these sensors are area to be covered, sensitivity required, the height of the area, type of the load to be connected etc. Major manufacturers of such sensors include Watt stopper, Leviton, Steinel, TheBen etc.more….

Presence sensor & occupancy sensor

Presence sensor and occupancy sensors are one and the same which sense the presence of a human being and act accordingly. The switching actions are same as that of a motion sensor. Presence sensors detect the presence of a human being even if he is sitting idle. These are typically used in classrooms, laboratories, libraries etc. where movement is minimal. more…

Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors are the most important sensors amongst a wide range of automation sensortemperature sensors dubai uaes. These are widely used in numerous residential, commercial & industrial applications. more…..

Generic sensors

There are numerous other sensors such as proximity sensor, piezoelectric sensor, pyroelectric sensor, photoelectric sensor etc. being supplied us. For any type of application, new sensors are being developed which will be a combination of other sensors.more….

Water Leak Detection System

Our water leak detections are available from small areas such as a kitchen to a large network of pipes. The system will generate phone call and SMS alerts. We can also provide water shut off facilities in case of leak detection. more……….

We supply all types of sensors for measurement and control of any parameters for all commercial and industrial applications. Also, we undertake complete projects involving design, supply & installation of various types of sensors. In association with our software division (, we also carry out such projects incorporating custom software, AI, Data Analytics etc.

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