Pneumatic systems & components

Pneumatics is the industrial segment which has its operations systems using air or gas. The air or gas is in compressed state and is used for control and movement of various components in machinery, automobiles etc.The operational principle is similar to hydraulics in which fluid is used, whereas gas is used in pneumatic systems.

How a Pneumatic system works

As said earlier gas or air is used for the system. There will be a central compressor and an air tank which stores the air in compressed state. This compressed air is directed to various components such as valves and actuators to operate various processes in the system.

(Even though the explanation is based on air, any other gas also can be used and there are special applications involving inert gases)

What are pneumatic components

Various pneumatic components are:

  1. Pneumatic Valves
  2. Actuators
  3. Solenoid operated valves
  4. Pneumatic air valves
  5. Pneumatic pipes, tubing and fitting accessories
  6. Air filtration equipment

Advantage of pneumatic system over hydraulic systems

  1. Pneumatic systems give smoother operations
  2. Disposing air is easy compared to disposal of fluid
  3. Refilling of air also is similarly effortless whereas in a hydraulic system, the reservoir need to be refilled.