Environment Sensors

Environment sensors are for measuring various parameters of an environment including temapplication-of-environment-sensor-in-server-roomsperature, humidity, pressure etc. either for indoor or outdoors. This can be indoor applications such as a data center or server room. Also, a major outdoor application is monitoring the weather.

Environment sensors

Even though there are a huge number of parameters to be measured in the environment, the classification environment sensors hugely refer to temperature and humidity of the atmosphere. Also common environment elements such as Carbon dioxide, Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide are sometimes referred under this category, which is separately detailed by us in our page on Gas sensors.

Environment sensors for Data centres and server roomsEnvironment-sensors-for-data-centers

An environment monitoring system is commonly referred to a monitoring system for data centres and server rooms. For these applications, we need to constantly monitor and record various parameters such as temperature, humidity, light, smoke, fire, door opening, power failure, water leakage etc. So this system has to monitor the entire environment inside the data centre or server room. Hence customers commonly refer an environment monitoring system for these applications.

We provide standalone systems which can work even in the case of a power failure. Normal systems are connected to a server and will not work if there is a network problem, loss of WiFi connection etc. However, our system will continue to work and will provide a phone call and SMS alert even in the case of a total power fwater-leak-sensor-for-data-centerailure. In the case of escalation of any of the parameters, it will give phone calls to 4 operators and also can deliver a customised recorded voice message.

We provide two versions of the system viz. network connected system and standalone system. The standalone system operates through a SIM card and also can be connected to a battery backup. In both the cases, the customer can remotely view the current parameters over the internet. We can also provide a remote control system to send signals to the data centre to control different actions such as change the temperature setting, switch on a dehumidifier etc.environment-sensor-with-phone-alert-for-data-center

You may see our model SKU-VAC-ES-154 in this image which are for data centres and server rooms. It can send the data to a cloud server. The user can view the data remotely on any computer or smart phones.

The device has water leak detection sensors as well. You may also see our separate device for water leak detection in server rooms, control rooms, data centre etc. This also can generate a phone call, SMS etc.

Weather sensors for environment monitoring & weather forecast station


Generally, we need to monitor different weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, wind etc. in an outdoor environment. This can be for normal commercial and industrial applications. In such a case, we provide the sensors in the outdoor environment and the display device will be placed indoors. The sensor will transmit the datemperature sensors dubai uaeta either through a wire or in wireless mode. This is the typical configuration of an environment monitoring system for weather monitoring. You may see one such device in this image.

A weather forecast station with environment sensors also has the capability to give a forecast for a couple of days.