Water leak detection (WLDS) with phone alert

Water leak detection is very important for various commercial and residential applications. As we can imagine, leakage of water into a home or office can cause huge damage. Similarly, havoc created by a catastrophe such as a flood can also be dangerous. We provide sensor systems and water detector alongwater-leakage-detection-and-alert-system-Vacker with an alert system to detect water leakage.

Certain areas are more prone to calamities such as floods than others. As such, it is required to establish Flood Monitoring Systems in these areas to save property and protect lives. Vacker understands the criticality of this situation and hence provides Flood Monitoring Systems to notify in case of a danger.

Water leakage detection system (WLDS)

We can detect the presence of water by means of a water leakage detector sensor (WLDS). It detects the presence of water by a change in resistivity of its surroundings. The short form WLDS normally refers to water leakage detector system consisting of leak sensors. The sensors will be of different types. However, the purpose of any of such system is to detect any type of water leak and generate some sort of signals. In the presence of water, a metal surface will decrease its electrical resistance. A drastic decrease in the resistance of this conductor will mean that water leak has occurred. Such a sensor can be a pointed sensor or a long sensor cable. A pointed sensor is just for one location, whereas a sensor cable is for a bigger area.

We can use a pointed water detector sensor for detecting water level eg. inside a tank. So when the water level reaches a certain level, the sensor can detect water. We are mainly discussing cable type water leak sensor in this article.

How does a Flood Monitoring System work?

A typical Flood Monitoring Systems will consist of telemetry equipment, gages and sensors. More effective Flood Monitoring Systems consist of well-qualified manpower and meticulously designed methods and complex algorithms to indicate the timing and severity of a flood.

Efficient Flood Monitoring Systems work by continuous assessment of local rainfall, water level and stream data. This has to be done through a routine surveillance in which the qualified staff make visits to the site to monitor water level. A real-time approach to this would be installation of telemetry thereby making data collection quick and generation of real-time alerts.

An alert gage is required for sensing and communicating.

The sensing is accomplished using a sensor that will detect changes to crucial parameters such as water level or precipitation volume. Advanced gages also consist of wind speed and temperature sensors.

The communicating is done through cellular, radio or satellite telemetry that sends messages to a host computer or a network.

How to select a water leak detection system?

Please follow the following guidelines while selecting a proper detection system for any type of water leakage:

  1. Please review what you want to do when a water leak occurs. Different options are phone call & SMS alerts, water-leakage-detection-sensor-with-phone-alerta locally audible siren, connection to a BMS system, connection to a SCADA system etc.
  2. Do you want to record each occurrence of the water leak? Do you also want to record the duration of such a water leak until rectification? In this case, you will need a recording system either connected to the WLDS or through a BMS.
  3. Do you want the WLDS to function even in the case of power failure? In this case, you will require a battery backup.
  4. What is the area or size of the room that you want to monitor? This is essential to decide the length and type of the sensor. If you want to monitor the water leak at a coupling of a pipe, you need only a small sensor at this location. However, if you want to monitor the water accumulation across an entire data centre, you will require lengthy leak sensor cables. If you want to detect a leak in a kitchen, you will need sensors along the pathway of all water and wastewater pipes. For a basement area, you will need longer cables especially based on the elevation of the floor.
  5. If you require a phone call and SMS alert system you may go for a battery operated SIM card based system instead of a network connected device. In this case, the alert system will work just as a separate phone and there are no uncertain parameters such as a network connectivity, delay in transmission etc.
  6. How many operators do you want to receive the phone call alerts or SMS? (We can provide for up to 8 operators) We can also provide phone call alerts to few people and SMS alerts to few others. We can provide different combinations.
  7. The phone call system should generate call alerts until one of the operators pick up the call. Simultaneously, all operators should receive SMS alerts also, so that everyone is aware of the occurrence.
  8. The alert system should preferably deliver a customized voice message indicating the location and the type of the leak. eg. ‘There is a water leak at pump room 2’. SMS also should be similarly customisable.

A customer can purchase water leakage detection sensor cable in different lengths. The leak detector cable has a bare conductor running on the outer surface of the cable. As soon as this conductor gets in touch with water, the resistance reduces. There is a control unit at one end of the cable, which senses this change in resistance.

The leak detector sensor cable is available in lengths such as 5 meters, 10 meters, and 25 meters. You can lay the cable around the room on the floor. We are giving below two examples of water leakage detection.

  1. Water leak detection system (WLDS) for  a server room

    In a server room, water leakage is highly destructive and an even small amount can cause damage. In such a case, we have to lay the cables on the floor of the server room. If you have a raised floor server room, you may prefer to lay the sensor cable on the floor above the raised floor as well as in the trenches below the raised floor. The aim is to detect any small amount of water accumulation or condensation as soon as it occurs.

    We can adjust the sensitivity of the controller of the leak detector. In this case, we will keep at maximum sensitivity so that small amount of water also is detected.

  2. Water leak detection in a pump room

    In a pump room, you may not want a high sensitivity. Most of the times, there will be a small amount of water on the floor or moisture in the air. If we lay the cables on the floor, it will cause frequent false alarms. If you still want to detwater-leakage-detection-sensorect the presence of water on the floor, you may lay the cable on the floor only. But keep the controller at low sensitivity so that it will not detect a small amount of moisture. Alternatively, it will be better to lay the cables on the wall around the pump room at a certain height eg. 1 centimetre. In this case, if water on the floor increases above 1 cm anywhere in the room, it will detect excessive water.

  3. Water leak detector under raised floors

    Raised floors are commonly used in data centres, server rooms, panel rooms, control stations etc. There is a chance of water condensation under the floor which can cause slow damage. In order to prevent this, we can install a water leak detection system (WLDS) under the raised floor. We can use the same leak detector as above with water leak sensor cables. The sensor cable will be laid on the floor across the entire length. The cables are connected to the control panel to detect any water leak.

Phone and SMS alert system for water leak detector system (WLDS)

This is a SIM card based phone call alert system. It operates with a SIM card. It can generate phone call and SMS alerts to up to 10 people. It is also possible to configure phone calls to few people and email to certain other people. Upon detection of water, the controller of the water leakage sensor generates a signal to this dialer. The dialer then makes the alert calls.

The customer can record a customised voice recording on the device. This voice recording can be a sentence like ‘water leakage detected in the server room in Dubai’. The system makes a phone call to the operators one by one. Upon attending the phone call, the listener will hear the voice message. If nobody attends the call, the system will start calling all the people once again and so on.

Audible Siren alert upon water detection

The system has an inbuilt loud beeper to generate an alarm. Also, we can connect an alarm in a distant area such as the room of a security guard. When it detects water, it can produce an alert until someone acknowledges. An operator will have to check the alert and acknowledge the alarm.

Moisture detection with phone and SMS alert

We can use the same system for excessive moisture detection in sensitive areas such as a server room, clean room etc. A high amount of water particles in the air reduces the resistance of the sensor cable. The controller has to be at high sensitivity. We can also combine the system with a humidity sensor. The humidity sensor checks the humidity of the air continuously. A combination of humidity sensor along with a water sensor will provide effective protection. These are especially useful for clean rooms, operation rooms, laboratories etc.

Advantages of our water leakage alert system
  1. This is a completely standalone system without a requirement of a server.
  2. This is a SIM card based phone call system.
  3. Up to 8 operators can receive a phone call alert. Upon attending the phone call, they will listen to a customised recorded voice message such as “There is a water leakage in server room 1”.
  4. An authorised person can deactivate the alert system remotely by sending an SMS to the device.
  5. The customer can adjust the sensitivity of the detection to suit his application.
  6. The system has an inbuilt audible alarm. We can also connect it to a separately audible siren.

Connecting the water leak system to BMS or SCADA

In case you require connecting our water leak system to A BMS or SCADA we can give provision. We can provide signals to your system to integrate into the BMS or SCADA. The phone call alert will be separate if you prefer so. In this case, even if the BMS system fails to provide notification, our phone call alert system will make phone calls. You don’t have to depend on any third party software. Even if the complete BMS system is down, this system will still provide alerts.

Locating exact point of water leak detection

There are applications for which you would want to know the exact location of the leak upon occurrence. As an example, you may consider a long pipeline or a big data center. In the event of a water leak, you want to know the exact location so that you can attend to the problem immediately. We provide advanced systems for this purpose having a grid system. We can provide the layout on a computer screen which will show the exact location of the leak. The leak sensor cable detects the distance of the leak from one end and shoes it correspondingly on the screen.

Pipe Leak Detection System

This consists of a system to monitor water leak along the length of a water pipe, including underground distribution pipes, sewerage pipes etc. If there is any leakage, It can notify and also indicate the exact location of the leak. The system involves running sensors cables across the length of the pipes. In case of a leak, the control panel can detect the exact location of the leak. It will display the same on a computer screen. It will have other standard features such as SMS or phone call alert, event recording, alarm reset etc.

We are supplying water leak detection sensors and alert system in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates of UAE. Also, we supply in all other Middle East and African countries.