Mechanical Sensor

Sensors for measuring various mechanical parameters are included under this category.

Wide range of Mechanical sensors, Pressure transmitters and actuators

Mechanical parameters being measured by numerous types of mechanical sensors are flow, pressure, acceleration, vibration,
movements, torque, axial load, temperature etc. for machinery and other industrial applications. Sensors and actuators are a major part of mechanical sensors There are analogue and digital type of sensors available. Transmitters, Sensors and actuators are often part of a complete solution under this category.

Pressure sensors, pressure gauges and associated pressure transmitters products

Pressure sensors are one of the most commonly used application under mechanical sensors. Pressure to be monitored include liquid pressure, the mechanical pressure being applied to machine components, pneumatic pressure in hydraulic machinery, barometric pressure, vacuum pressure etc. and are commonly associated with pressure transmitters which are for transmission of the sensor signals to other devices. Pressure gauges are generally analogue devices for displaying the pressure measurement. Nowadays the term pressure gauge is also used for digital displays.pressure transmitter dubai uae
Pressure transmitters are used for process control and automation which will require monitoring, control and coordination between various elements. All such transmitters convert the measured signals into a proportionate electrical voltage and current signals. Many of the models of pressure transmitters have a locally mounted digital display along with the pressure sensor so that the readings are available locally and also is transmitted for centralised monitoring and control.

Differential pressure sensors are used for air, gas etc. to monitor pressure difference between two areas. A typical usage of the same is to monitor pressure difference between special care units in hospitals, critical manufacturing areas etc.

Pressure switches for switching circuits and automation

There are many automation requirements which need electrical switching circuits for generating switching actions based on the measurement and as per pre-defined threshold limits. Such switching action will be required for carrying out independent actions or as part of a bigger automation network with communication facilities over automation network. This is achieved through pressure pressure sensors dubai uaeswitches.

Pressure switches, sensors, gauges, pressure transducers, transmitters etc. are always associated with each other and are often combined in a single device.

Vibration sensors and data loggers

Monitoring and measuring vibration is a common requirement in manufacturing and transportation applications which is accomplished by vibration sensors. Vibration sensors combined with data loggers are used to record the vibration continuously for critical applications. When machinery with sensitive parts is transported, the vibration needs to be monitored continuously through the transportation process. For such applications, vibration sensors with data loggers are fitted on sensitive parts which will record the data continuously and can be checked at the end of the journey.
Piezoelectric sensors also are used for vibration sensors which use the technology that vibration applied on piezoelectric crystals is converted into electrical signals, thus aiding indirect measurement of vibration.

Pressure transmitters to control Motor pumpspressure-transmitter-for-pump-control

We can use pressure transmitters to control air or liquid by controlling the motor pumps. The pressure transmitter constantly monitors the pressure of air or liquid and give signals to a VFD to control the motor. These are also useful for booster pumps to increase the pressure of water flow. during high consumption, the water pressure will be low. At such times, the pressure transmitter gives a signal to a booster pump and increases the pressure. This is very useful for commercial buildings, residential buildings, hotels etc.

When you have a bank of multiple motor pumps, you need to regulate them individually for ideal performance. In such cases, we can connecpressure-transmitter-for-water-level-indicatort the pressure transmitters through a PLC and regulate individual motors. This will conserve energy consumption as well.

Pressure transmitters for water level monitoring

We can use pressure transmitters to monitor the pressure of the water column in a tank. Based on the pressure, it can convert to corresponding signals indicating the exact water level. It is useful for measuring any liquid levels. These pressure transmitters produce 4-20 mA signals. Please also see our wide range of liquid sensors.

Other common Mechanical sensors

Few of the other major mechanical sensors being supplied by us are

  1. Accelerometer for continuous checking of Machinesvibration sensors dubai uae
  2. Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Electric-type Actuators
  3. Airflow sensors for measuring and detecting air flow
  4. Relative Pressure transmitter for liquids, gas and air
  5. Measuring/detection of Displacement
  6. Gas Pressure for Measuring Pressure of Gas
  7. Measuring and monitoring sensors for HVAC
  8. Mass flow sensors for measuring and detecting air flow
  9. RPM sensor for measuring Revolutions per Minute of Motors
  10. Smoke Sensors for detecting Smoke
  11. Sensors for measuring angle of tilt
  12. Torque sensor for measuring Torque
  13. Viscosity sensor for measurement of Viscosity
  14. strain guage sensor with data logger

Vacker supplies all types of these sensors acrodd all Middle East countries covering United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon etc.

Also our African partners supply across all African countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Djibouti, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Mauritius etc.