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We have earned credibility as a leading Automation company in Building Management System (BMS) and Industrial Automation company through years of quality work.

Sensors division – A complete automation company and sensor supplier

Vacker Group is having its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Vacker has activities ranautomation company Dubai Abudhabi UAEging from Cold Chain Management, Environment Monitoring, Trading and Automation. The sensors division of Vacker is an automation company providing turnkey automation solutions.

Also, we are a major sensor supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates of the UAE. We also supply to Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. We are supplying various sensors from reputed manufacturers. Our activities are briefed below.

Industrial Automation Company for complex industries

Automation-company-DubaiIn any type of industry, there is a certain extent of automation required. These are applicable from small individual machines to series of complex machinery.

Processes include measurement, linear and horizontal movements, rotation, handling of material etc. These are automated utilizing an array of sensors for each of those different functions.

Many of this automation are inbuilt by the machinery suppliers. Numerous other functions are automated based on customer requirements. Being an industrial automation company, we design and execute all such customized requirements.

Building Automation Company for Building Management Systems (BMS)

building automation company dubai uaeA Building automation company carries out Building Management systems (BMS) for all type of commercial and residential buildings. These include hotels, apartments, individual villas etc. In a nutshell, Building management system (BMS) is a combination of complex functions.

The Building automation system consists of monitoring and controlling various critical and non-criAutomation-companies-Dubai-and-Abudhabitical functions of the property. One of the most critical functions may be unarguably the fire protection system. And one of the least critical function can be switching off a light when there is no one in the room.

The communication between various such controlling and monitoring elements is critical. This happens through a separate set of dedicated communication channels. This is achieved using various protocols. Such protocols are KNX, BACnet, Lonworks, Modbus etc.

The protocol is selected based on various parameters. These parameters are the size of the system, typindustrial automation company dubai uaee of elements used etc. One of our major suppliers for such systems is GFR, Germany. They have numerous components in protocols such as BACnet Protocol, KNX etc. GFR is capable of design and implementation of complete automation solutions including monitoring through SCADA systems.

As a building automation company, we have executed various prestigious projects. The projects are in the Middle East countries for BMS systems.

Top 5 Automation companies Dubai

Process Automation Company for automating industrial processes

Vacker is a leading process automation company capable of executing high-end tailor-made solutions. Process automation is an advanced version of industrial automation. Industrial automation can be for an individual machine or a set of machinery. A process automation company has to carry out more complicated system design. Also, implementation of monitoring and control systems for a series of machinery are included.

This is to process an entire set of multiple processes covering a huge number of machinery.
A typical example will be a cement plant. Various procedures involved are as below.

  1. loading of raw material through different conveyor belts.Team-members-of-sensorsuae
  2. Various processes to convert these raw materials into cement.
  3. Movement of the manufactured cement through conveyor belts to a packaging plant.
  4. The packaging of the cement through a set of packaging machinery.
  5. Loading of the packages in a warehouse or a trailer.

It might require that any of the processes in the entire sequence has to be stopped. Then the operations need to be stopped in a particular timed and sequential manner. Also, it might happen that a fault happens anywhere in the entire chain. Then all other operations need to be stopped sequentially. Otherwise, serious damages may happen to the whole system.

These are achieved through proper automation. Capabilities of a process automation company are multi-disciplined. This includes understanding the entire process in details. Thereafter we will design a proper system for complete automation.Automation-company-of-SIEMENS-in-Dubai

Automation and Internet of Things (IOT)iot-automation-company-dubai-abudhabi-uae

Internet of Things (IoT) is the integration of various hardware and software elements interconnected through the internet. Fundamentally this involves connecting numerous sensors through the internet and a central processing system. An example can be a car parking system. Every parking slot will have a sensor to detect whether it is occupied or not. Similarly, every car parking area of a busy city can be connected to the internet. All of them will be connected to the internet. The real-time status will be visible on the mobile. As a driver approaches the city, he can easily find out the areas having enough parking slots. Once he enters the particular parking lot, he can find out the exact slot which is free at the moment. Implementation of this project involves the design of hardware and centralized software. The software has internet capabilities and will have fast data processing.iot-automation-dubai

Vacker Dubai has associated with Advantech USA and is providing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. This adds huge value to Vacker as a complete Automation company. We have started offering lighting solutions connected with IOT.

Sensor supplier for System Integrators

Our integrated solutions cover industrial automation, process automation, and building automation. Also, we supply a huge number of different type of sensors. These are for all type of industrial and commercial applications. These sensors are sourced from companies such as HW Group, Sontay, GFR, SplusS, Leviton, Watt Stopper etc.

We supply to automation companies and system integrators in the region. We also provide detailed technical support for such system integrators. These activities complement our role as a sensor supplier.

This enables them to design optimal solutions. As an industrial automation company, sensor supply division is a natural offspring.

Vision of Sensor Divisionprocess automation company dubai uae

We envision ourselves as one of the top 5 automation companies in the Middle East. We take continuous efforts to provide solutions at par with world-class technology. The integration of intelligent technology is the heart of Building Management System (BMS) and is evolved continuously.


If you are located in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our Saudi office will provide complete solutions related to your Automation solutions. Please see our website at VackerArabia.

In order to develop custom software for our automation solutions, we have our own software company Vacker360 (www.vacker360.com). Thus we are able to provide complete hardware and software solutions.

We keep updated in our expertise and technical skills. Thus, we retain a top position as an industrial automation company and a Building Automation company in Dubai, Abudhabi and other Emirates of the UAE. We have recently started offering our solutions in various African countries covering Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Ghana etc.



Vacker Air quality Division

Air quality division of Vacker provides various solutions for improving the air quality, disinfection of air and surfaces etc. Please visit our website of Air quality Division.