Presence Sensor

Presence Sensor

Vacker UAE supplies different types of presence sensor like ceiling mounted presence sensor, wall mounted presence sensor etc. in the UAE region. We supply presence sensor for residential use as well as commercial use. These presence sensors are highly effective in conserving energy as well as precious time of the user. These presence sensors are commonly known as occupancy sensors are often confused with motion sensors but both these devices has different operating principles. Actually presence sensor is mostly considered to be more effective than the motion sensor. Our products can be found in different cities of UAE such as Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain, etc.

Sensor Division of Vacker

Vacker UAE has been providing different kinds of sensors which are widely used in automation of homes and industries. Some of the vastly used sensors in the automation industries are temperature sensor, motion sensor, presence sensor, humidity sensor etc. which are supplied exclusively by the sensor division of Vacker UAE. The evolution of our company as the total automation industry has been quiet fantastic. With several years of experience in the automation company and system integrator our company has not only been able to supply quality products to the current market demand but has set a strong foundation for the future development and progress in the field. Vacler UAE designated the division for the sole purpose of providing excellent service regarding the sensors, automation and system integrator.

Presence Sensor Features:

  • We provide sensors with instrumentation solutions that utilizes programmable logic controller for all type of process industries.
  • There are different types of environment sensors specialized to sense and monitor different types of environmental parameters which may include carbon dioxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide, toxic gases, chemical vapor etc.
  • There are also group of different types of light sensors available which gets activated on different level of light intensity. They generally are also combined with motion sensors or occupancy sensors.
  • There are also different types of sensors available such as mechanical sensors, optical sensors, liquid measurement sensors etc. supplied by our company.

What is a Presence Sensor?

Presence Sensor

One of the most important devices for the automation industry these devices have become a must for smart homes and offices. These presence sensors can be installed in the automation system with the help of different protocols such as KNX, Modbus, Lonworks, etc. Our presence sensor helps you to monitor your child, pets or any other person of your desire. They can notify you about the person or pets in case they come or leave a certain specified region. We provide both indoor and outdoor models of presence sensor.

The presence sensors are different from the motion sensor in a sense that these sensors do not detect the movement but they sense the presence of human beings or other animals. They are capable of sensing the presence even if the person or animal monitored remain completely still. They are capable of sensing people or animal even without the movement because they are capable of sensing the temperature of living beings generated from their body.

There are various terminologies used for presence sensors such as presence detector, occupancy detector, passive infrared radiation sensor (PIR), presence detecting sensor, infrared sensor switch etc.

How do Motion Sensors differ from Presence Sensors?

Presence Sensor

Motion sensors detect the movement of a body while presence sensors are capable of detecting the heat generated from a living body. Motion sensors will not be able to detect a person if he remains completely still without movement but motions sensors can detect the person even if he show no movement at all. When a motion sensor is installed in a lighting system the lights turns on automatically when the person moves in the installed area but if the person stops moving for some reason the light will automatically turn off this can cause a lot of problem. This does not happen if you install presence sensor in the lighting system. These sensors are especially important for the lighting system in rest rooms as people tend to stay idle in rest rooms for a long period of time. This also hold true for a library room as people generally show very low movement during studying books for a long period of time. These sensors are also important for classrooms as well as washrooms.

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Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared Motion Sensor

Vacker UAE has been working in the automation industry for a very long period of type. One of the many devices that are used abundantly in the automation industry is the Infrared Motion Sensor. Our top quality motion sensors can be purchased in different cities of UAE including Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain.

Vacker UAE is proud to announce that some of the well reputed companies of UAE are its loyal customers. Some of our top customers in the UAE region are ABB, NOVARTIS, Emirates Aquatech, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Pharmatrade, Julphar, Oilfields Supply Center Ltd., Chilis, MITSBISHI, Punj Lloyd, Taiba, ALGHANIM Healthcare, JAMAC, Etisalat, KHIDMAH, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Hilton Hotel and Resorts, AL RAWABI, DHL, Emirates Sky cargo, etc.

Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared motion sensor is the kind of motion sensor that can detect the motion of objects with the help of infrared rays emitted from the object. Infrared motion sensor finds its usefulness especially in automation industry. It has a huge role to play in home security as well as security of commercial buildings. It is also very necessary for the automation of lighting systems. Automatic door is another example of usefulness of infrared motion sensor. Infrared motion sensors are also used by different security departments for search operation or investigation operation.

Working principle of Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared Motion Sensor detects an input and then provides an output. The sensor generally consists of two slots which are sensitive to infrared radiation emitted by a person’s skin. The sensors do not emit any kind of energy hence, it is called passive infrared. Hence, it is different from the electric eye.

Infrared Motion Sensor for Home Security

The world has become a very unsafe place to live in. We hear news of intrusion of thieves, burglars in homes almost on a daily basis. Hence, it has become very necessary to increase the security of homes which can be done with the installation of infrared motion sensors which is also commonly known as Passive Infrared Motion Sensor.

Infrared motion sensor can detect the motion of an intruder in the home and alert the home owner about the intrusion. The sensors can alert us about the intrusion by activating an alarm in our smartphone even when we are not around the house. Some security systems start recording when motion is detected by the motion sensor.

Advantages of Motion Sensor

Infrared Motion Sensor

There are various advantages of Motion Sensor such as:

  • The motion sensor is capable of triggering a doorbell when someone from outside is approaching the door.
  • They help to automate the lighting system and save energy and time.
  • They can alert the user when someone enters any restricted part in the house.
  • They alert parents about the breakout of curfew in home by kids.
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Buzzer and Thermal Sensor Dubai

Buzzer and Thermal Sensor Dubai

Vacker UAE has been providing different engineering solutions Buzzer and Thermal Sensor Dubairelated to our daily problems. You can get different models of thermal sensors both analog, digital and other various types from Vacker UAE for commercial as well as residential use. Our thermal sensors are very accurate and reliable. These items can be found in different cities of UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah Sharjah, etc.

Our thermal sensors have the capability to measure very low temperature and can even sense the temperature difference as low as 0.25 degree Celsius. Various types of thermal sensors are as follows:

  • Analog and digital
  • LAN/Ethernet wired
  • Wireless thermal sensors
  • Thermal sensors with Bluetooth and Wifi
  • Contact and non-contact type
  • Remote thermal sensor

Remote Thermal Sensor

Buzzer and Thermal Sensor Dubai

One of the most popular type of thermal sensor supplied by our company Vacker UAE is the remote thermal sensor. The user can monitor the temperature remotely which may be wireless. The remote thermal sensor may operate on different monitoring mode which may be operated through Wi-Fi, Radio frequency, etc. The user also can have different alert systems installed within the device such as SMS alert system, email alert system, phone call alert system, etc. Generally, these remote thermal sensors are popular for commercial use in industries. There are different features of our remote thermal sensors which are as follows:

  • It is capable of monitoring temperature, humidity, pressure continuously for a very long period of time.
  • It is capable of automatic update of software.
  • It possesses the feature of reminding for recalibration automatically.
  • It has a versatile four alarm threshold.
  • It follows the protocol according to the FDA code 21 CFR par 11 hence it is useful for food industries, life science and healthcare.
  • It follows the Zigbee protocol for communication.
  • It consists of calibration with 10 point NIST.
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Industrial Automation Company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Industrial Automation Company

Vacker UAE is an industrial automation company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE. We provide different automation process solutions for different industries in the UAE region. We provide our automation services in different cities of UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Umm al-Quwain, etc. With our expert engineers we guarantee our clients the right kind of automation for different types of industries.

Industrial automation


The use of different automatic control systems to control the various processes in the industries is known as industrial automation. Industrial automation system has revolutionized the working processes of the industries. Different factors in industries such as machinery, the networks of telephone, boilers, heating ovens, etc., are controlled by industrial automation. One of the most important targets of the automation in industry is to minimize the human intervention in different process. While some processes in the industries have been completely automated some processes still need slight intervention by humans.

Industrial automation has helped industries to decrease human labor as well as save energy. Industrial automation has also helped to reduce errors due to human. Industrial automation increases the overall productivity of a plant. The plant can produce larger quantity of products in less time. Also unlike humans these systems do not require rest hence they are capable of working twenty four hours a day.

So, if you want to save money, decrease human labor, save energy, save time and ncrease productivity of your industrial plants then you definitely need to have industrial automation services provided by our company Vacker UAE. Different industries in UAE such as packaging industries, glass factories, cement industries, etc. are using our automation systems and have effectively decreased their production cost.

Our different automation systems in industries

We provide automation systems for almost every process in industry reducing the human interference but we only mention some of our automation systems in the following points:

  • We provide automation systems that can easily control the temperature of a furnace. This has resulted in conservation of energy.
  • We also provide automation systems that are capable of monitoring the pressure inside a CNC machine.
  • We also provide automation systems that can monitor the level of carbon monoxide in the underground parking areas. An automated exhaust fan also comes with the system to keep the level of carbon monoxide out of danger.

We also have provided automated shutters for the pharmaceutical warehouses. The door of the ware house should be opened in a controlled method to maintain certain level of temperature and hence are controlled by our automation systems.

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Door interlock system for shutters and doors in warehouses

In pharmaceutical warehouses and food warehouses, management of temperature and humidity is a challenge. In order to limit the inflow of air from the outside environment, many measures are taken.

Door interlocking system for shutters of warehouses

Normally there will be two sets of doors in the loading and unloading area. One set will be opening to the outdoor where the van or trucks are docked to load the goods. The second layer will be to the indoor area and there will be a space between these two layers of doors. A typical arrangement will be as shown in this drawing.

In order to limit the flow of external air into the warehouse, it is ideal to control the opening of the doors. This can be achieved through different means.

  • Door interlock system preventing simultaneous opening of rolling shutter doors


As mentioned earlier, there are two layers of doors. If any of the doors of one layer is opened, it should not be possible to open any doors of the other layer. As an example, in the drawing shown above, if door 5 is opened, it should not be possible to open any of the doors on the opposite side ie. Door 1,2,3 or 4. Similarly, if door 2 is opened first, the door 5,6 or 7 cannot be opened. This is a door interlock system.

We will explain through an operational example. Suppose a van is waiting at Door 5 for loading. Now all the doors are closed. First, open any of the door nos. from 1 to 4. eg. Open the door 1 and bring the medicine boxes to the space between the doors in a forklift. Now close the door 1 and thereafter open door 5. Now load the goods to the van. Thereafter close door 5 and open door 1 and the forklift can return to the warehouse.

The customer can open all the doors of one side simultaneously. eg. we can open Door 1,2,3 & 4 simultaneously. Similarly, Door 5,6 & 7 can be opened together. However, if anyone door on one side is opened, the doors on the other side cannot be opened.

For rolling shutters, the control circuit will be provided through the motor. So only one motor can be activated at a time or as programmed. Even if you have door control systems such as Crawford (®), we can still provide the control system.

Also if you want to limit simultaneous opening of doors on any one side this can be achieved. eg. if you want to limit so that only 2 doors should be opened together this can be achieved. So if Door 1 and 3 are opened, the customer cannot open door 2 and 4 and so on.

  • Door interlock system for glass or wooden swing/sliding doors

    For normal swing or sliding doors, the control panels will be the same. However, we will be using magnetic door latches for interlock. The magnetic lock will remain activated facilitating the opening of only one door at a time or as programmed. Other functions will be the same. We can provide a bypass key to deactivate if required. We will use different types of sensors for these types of doors.

  • Siren system to alert simultaneous door openingdoor-interlock-system-for-warehouse

If you do not want an interlock system, you can provide a warning system. In this case, if anybody opens doors on opposite sides, there will be an audible alarm. This is mainly to alert the operators especially when you have a huge warehouse. In this system, any number of doors can be opened simultaneously. But the operator will be aware that doors on opposite sides are opened and they should close one of them as quickly as possible.

We are supplying these door interlocking systems for pharmaceutical storage warehouse, food storage warehouses etc. where temperature and humidity control is essential.

Also, see our previous article on door automation with automation of air curtains

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Bulb with Motion Sensor

Vacker Global is a one of the leading company in the world in building automation industry. We provide different systems of building automation for homes, offices, industries etc. We also provide lighting bulbs with motion sensors that are highly useful in saving both time and money. One of the focus region of our company is the UAE region as we know the importance of time and energy saving in rapidly growing economic region such as UAE. Our products can easily be found in the cities of UAE which include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.

Introduction to Bulbs with Motion Sensorsbulb-with-motion-sensor-Dubai-Abudhabi-UAE

Bulbs with motion sensors are different from the conventional lighting bulbs as these bulbs can turn on automatically upon sensing motion of warm objects such as human, animals, automobiles etc. in its field. It actually does not require any human intervention to turn or turn off the light and has been a key part of smart homes. These bulbs with motion sensors are specially designed to reduce the trouble of switching on and off of the light manually.

Advantages of Bulbs with Motion Sensors

Although these bulbs can be irritating for you and your neighbors sometimes but its advantages completely overshadows the minor problem. These bulbs are useful not only to save energy, money and time but for security of the house too. Burglars or thieves can easily get distracted due to the presence of these bulbs as they will automatically light up when they try to enter a house or building. Also these bulbs can work as an alert system for the house owners. These bulbs are also useful in reducing your fears while you enter the building at dark night or while trying to park your car in the garage. It also makes the owner feel safer as the light automatically turns on upon sensing any kind of intrusion of animals or human. These bulbs come in very reasonable price and are very easy to install hence it is getting very popular among the people in UAE. These light bulbs can be installed both for outdoor purpose and indoor purpose.

Working Principle of Bulbs with Motion Sensors

These bulbs with motion sensors come with a sensitive motion detector that can detect infrared radiation from a moving body. These detectors upon sensing certain level of infrared radiation from an object in its field sends electronic signals and turns on the light. We can preset the timer from 1 to 20 minutes for the duration of time the light stays on. These bulbs contain a photocell that keeps the light deactivated during the day time. The distance range of the motion detector can be 70 ft or more according to the requirement. Sometimes the motion sensors can be fooled by the moving leaves or passing cars nearby and the light may turn on without any particular benefit but this problem can easily be removed by adjusting the distance range and field of view of the motion sensor. These bulbs also can be switched to manual mode when required.

Installing Bulbs with Motion Sensors

Installing bulbs with motion sensors is really easy and does not require any specialist. Some of the steps in installing bulbs with motion sensors is given below:

  • First of all the old light should be removed from the place.
  • The power should be always turned off before the installation.
  • The adjustable crosspiece should be mounted to the electrical box
  • The rubber gasket should be placed around the outside edge of the new fixture
  • Wiring should be connected with the help of a wire cap.
  • The light assembly should be fitted in the electrical box.
  • Now the bulbs should be screwed in.
  • The system should be sealed by using silicone caulk after the installation.
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Oxygen Analyzer Sensor

Oxygen analysis has become a very important process in industries and medical field. Our company Vacker UAE has a vast experience in providing its client with the very best quality of oxygen analyzer that are reliable and precisely accurate. Our oxygen analyzer can be found in different parts of UAE mainly in the cities of UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.

An oxygen analyzer consists of oxygen sensor that has the capability to measure the concentration of oxygen in a liquid or gas which is to be analyzed. Oxygen sensors most common use is in the medical field in which they are used in anesthesia monitors, oxygen concentrators and respirators.  Not only is that oxygen analyzer used in automobiles to monitor the concentration of oxygen internal combustion engines. It is also an important device in any industries that emits gas in different ways and scientists use this device for different research.oxygen-analyzer-and-meter

What is Oxygen and Oxygen Sensor?

Oxygen is a vital gas that is present in our atmosphere and covers nearly 20% of volume of the atmosphere. Oxygen is used by the living organisms for respiration purpose but it is also required for the combustion of a matter. Oxygen sensors are the devices that are specially designed to monitor the concentration of oxygen in a system that is to be analyzed. A cell built with ceramic material is attached in the oxygen analyzer that can measure the level oxygen in a system.

Types of Oxygen Analyzers

With the increase in pollution the onus is on the industries to reduce it as much as possible hence they want oxygen analyzer to be more accurate for the measurement. Hence we provide analyzer that is precisely calibrated and requires less maintenance. There are different types of oxygen analyzer and they can be used according to the need and situation. Different types of oxygen analyzer that can be found in the market easily are as follows:

  1. Ambient temperature oxygen analyzer
  2. Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer
  3. Polarographic oxygen analyzer
  4. Electro chemical oxygen analyzer
  5. Ziroconium oxide oxygen analyzer

The most common type of oxygen analyzer is the ambient oxygen analyzer.Very commonly known as a galvanic sensor ambient oxygen analyzer contains two different types of electrodes that is submerged in an electrolyte. portable-oxygen-meterOxygen molecules present in the system dissolve in the electrolyte and triggers a chemical reaction that produces certain amount of electric current. The amount of electric current generated due to the reaction of oxygen and the electrolyte helps to identify the level of oxygen in the system. Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer uses the magnetic susceptibility of oxygen to measure the level of oxygen in the system. The polarographic oxygen analyzer is popular since it can be stored for a long time.

Advantages of Oxygen Analyzer

As already discussed above oxygen analyzer is used to analysis the level of concentration of oxygen and mainly used in the medical field and industries. These devices are useful in monitoring the combustion in a system. These devices help in conservation of energy in industries such as electric power, iron, steel, petrochemicals etc. These devices repel incomplete combustion of fuel which helps in lowering the release of harmful pollutant gases such as nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide etc. Hence oxygen analyzer helps to keep atmosphere clean and decrease global warming.

Features of our Oxygen Analyzer

Our oxygen analyzer are built by the experts in the field and therefore are capable measuring the oxygen level with precise accuracy. They are absolutely fast and can show their readings even in millisecond which helps in saving both time and energy. Our oxygen analyzer have a durable battery and are very easy to carry from one place to another.

Remote monitoring and recording of oxygen measurement with phone call, SMS and alarm

If you want a centralized oxygen monitoring system, we can provide a system connected either through BACNet, Modbus, Ethernet etc. The sensors will be placed in the monitoring area. Multiple sensors can be connected to a centralized system. The user can view the readings remotely through any computer. Also recording over a cloud based server is possible. We can also connect the system to an external phone call and SMS alert system. Also we can connect to a local audible alarm, so that it will generate an alarm if the levels go beyond the permissible limit.

Also VackerAfrica supplies Oxygen meters and Oxygen Monitors in all African countries covering Tanzania, Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan etc.

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Looking for good Fiber Optic cable splicing and termination in UAE?

The efficiency of data transmission through fibre cable is highly dependent on the quality of connecting the fibre optic cable. This process is known as fusion splicing. This process requires highly skilled technicians. This process is for connecting two fibre optic cables together.

Fibre optic splicing and Fusion splicingfiber-optic-splicing-Dubai-Abudhabi-UAE

The process is also known as fusion splicing since the process involves fusing of the fiber optic cable. Highly efficient splicing is required for connections such as telecommunications, LAN connections etc. If the connection is not perfect, there will be light loss across the termination resulting in data loss. Also, there will be a reflection of light in a substandard joint, which will cause distortion of data. The joint has to be mechanically strong as well so that the junction does not break.

Splicing is required when long cables are to be connected when different types of cables are connected etc.

Process of Fiber optic cable splicing (FOC splicing)

The process involves heating up of the joint either by laser or electric heating. For this reason, the process is known as fusion splicing since two cables are fused together to form the joint.

In order to start the process, the cable ends have to be prepared by stripping the insulation at the ends to be fused. the ends have to be perfectly flat for the best connections. This process is known as cleaving the fiber. The ends have to be perfectly cleaned as well since even a single dirt particle will reduce the quality by a huge margin.

There are different models of splicing equipment available from different manufacturers. Some of these machines also come with the testing facility so that the connection can be tested after the splicing is done. Both ends of the fiber ends are placed in the slots in the machine and splicing is carried out.

Mechanical splicing

Mechanical splicing is an older technology wherein the connection is made by using connectors. The connectors hold the two fibre ends in proper alignment. The cost of mechanical splicing machine is cheaper than a fusion splicing machine. The process of fusion splicing is faster and definitely higher quality compared to mechanical splicing. However, due to initial investments, mechanical splicing is still being used.

FOC is the short form of Fiber Optic Cabling and hence the splicing process is also called FOC splicing.

Vacker offers various splicing solutions for all types of fiber cables in Dubai, Abudhabi, UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

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Warning system for Fork lifts approaching each other

We are briefly describing our forklift anti-collision alert system.

In a warehouse or factory, there will be many forklifts moving around and it is always a safety hazard for personnel on the floor. One of the major safety risks is collision between forklifts at corners and around racks which are blind points. This solution will provide alerts to the operators when two forklifts are nearby. This forklift anti-


Forklift anti-collision alert system

collision alert system is suited for a crowded warehouse with lots of hidden spots and racks.

Also, we can provide another system which will generate alerts when a fork lifts approaches a human being or a wall or any other fixed objects. However, this is better suited in a large open warehouse without racks. Otherwise, it will be constantly generating alerts

Each forklift will have a couple of receivers and transmitters which will continuously transmit and receive the ultrasonic signals.

Method of Operation of Forklift alert system

The method of operation of the forklift alert system is explained hereunder.

  1. The transmitters will be continuously emitting ultrasonic signals once the forklift is switched on.
  2. Each forklift will have multiple transmitters and receivers based on the size.
  3. Transmitters and receivers will be paired with each other at a certain frequency.
  4. The receivers are connected to a processor to an alarm. The alarm is connected to each forklift.
  5. When two forklifts come close to each other (Approx. 15m), the alarm will be activated.

Sensor of Forklift Anti-collision system

Long-Range Ultrasonic Sensor, ideal for use with Robots and other applications. This unit has excellent directivity and sensitivity. Suitable for dual use, with standard operating frequency.

  1. Detection Range of each sensor is up to 26 meters. The idea is to give an alert when two forklifts are within 26 meters from each other. If you want longer range the same can be offered. However, this may cause a lot of unwanted alarms.
  2. Nominal Frequency of the sensor is 40kHz.
  3. The operating temperature of the sensor is  from -30°C to +85°C.
  4. The dimension of the sensor is 16mm Diameter, 12mm High excluding pins. Pins will be 6mm High. The sensors have to fit at different corners of the forklift around the operator area so that it will not be damaged. If you have special requirements, we will design special mounting arrangements to suit the purpose.

The same forklift anti-collision alert system can be used for other heavy machinery such as cranes, earth moving equipment, road rollers etc.

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Vacker ties up with PSIDAC, Sweden for differential pressure sensors

PSIDAC, Sweden is a topmost manufacturer of pressure sensors, differential pressure sensors and pressure transmitters. VackerGlobal has partnered with PSIDAC for the Middle East countries. Vacker will promote their entire range of differential pressure sensors in the Middle East countries.differential-pressure-sensor-Dubai.jpg

Vacker is engaged in the following category of services.

  1. Automation for hospitals, clean rooms etc.
  2. Supply of various sensors for industrial automation & building automation.
  3. Temperature and humidity monitoring solutions for hospitals, lifecare segment etc.

As Vacker is involved in automation of critical segments, the addition of PSIDAC range of products will complement our service segment.

Infographic-of-negative-room-pressure-sensorApplications of differential pressure sensors

Differential pressure sensors are used in following types of installations.pressure-transmitter

  1. Hospitals and clinics for ensuring negative pressure.
  2. Operation theatres which need to work under controlled pressure.
  3. Pharmaceutical manufacturing rooms, which are maintained under controlled pressure.
  4. Isolation rooms, which are maintained under negative pressure.
  5. Cold rooms and walk in freezers which may develop a pressure difference. This needs to be monitored.
  6. Pressure monitoring in Central sterile supply department (CSSD) area of hospitals.

Features of Differential Pressure Sensors for hospitals & clinics

PSIDAC provides following features in the pressure sensors.

  1. The display has a touch screen for easy configuration.
  2. The sensors can be connected to an ethernet network, BACNET protocol, Modbus etc.
  3. An external data logger can be connected if you want to record data.
  4. Visual and audible alarms if the values exceed the programmed values.negative-pressure-sensor
  5. Flush mounting type display so that you can install on walls.

Negative pressure sensor

In most hospital applications, the patient room will be under negative pressure compared to the outside. In this case, we have to monitor this area for negative pressure. We can see the pressure difference value on a screen. A negative pressure sensor will be used for this purpose.

Positive pressure sensor

Many industries like pharmaceutical industries require positive pressure in the manufacturing area. Basically, if there is a differential pressure, one of them will be positive pressure and the other side of the room will be negative pressure. The sensor used on positive side can be termed as a positive pressure sensor. In both cases, the entire system and sensors are the same. During the installation, we will configure it to display the positive or negative side of the pressure.

Pressure Transmitters

PSIDAC manufacturers pressure transmitters, which are used to transmit pressure data. The model number is 6280. This comes in two models, one with display and the other one without display. The model is configurable for different input and output configurations.

The pressure transmitter has models capable of measuring up to ±2500 Pascals.

Also please see our article: Pressure measurement using differential sensors

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