Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared Motion Sensor
Infrared Motion Sensor

Vacker UAE has been working in the automation industry for a very long period of type. One of the many devices that are used abundantly in the automation industry is the Infrared Motion Sensor. Our top quality motion sensors can be purchased in different cities of UAE including Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain.

Vacker UAE is proud to announce that some of the well reputed companies of UAE are its loyal customers. Some of our top customers in the UAE region are ABB, NOVARTIS, Emirates Aquatech, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Pharmatrade, Julphar, Oilfields Supply Center Ltd., Chilis, MITSBISHI, Punj Lloyd, Taiba, ALGHANIM Healthcare, JAMAC, Etisalat, KHIDMAH, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Hilton Hotel and Resorts, AL RAWABI, DHL, Emirates Sky cargo, etc.

Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared motion sensor is the kind of motion sensor that can detect the motion of objects with the help of infrared rays emitted from the object. Infrared motion sensor finds its usefulness especially in automation industry. It has a huge role to play in home security as well as security of commercial buildings. It is also very necessary for the automation of lighting systems. Automatic door is another example of usefulness of infrared motion sensor. Infrared motion sensors are also used by different security departments for search operation or investigation operation.

Working principle of Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared Motion Sensor detects an input and then provides an output. The sensor generally consists of two slots which are sensitive to infrared radiation emitted by a person’s skin. The sensors do not emit any kind of energy hence, it is called passive infrared. Hence, it is different from the electric eye.

Infrared Motion Sensor for Home Security

The world has become a very unsafe place to live in. We hear news of intrusion of thieves, burglars in homes almost on a daily basis. Hence, it has become very necessary to increase the security of homes which can be done with the installation of infrared motion sensors which is also commonly known as Passive Infrared Motion Sensor.

Infrared motion sensor can detect the motion of an intruder in the home and alert the home owner about the intrusion. The sensors can alert us about the intrusion by activating an alarm in our smartphone even when we are not around the house. Some security systems start recording when motion is detected by the motion sensor.

Advantages of Motion Sensor

Infrared Motion Sensor

There are various advantages of Motion Sensor such as:

  • The motion sensor is capable of triggering a doorbell when someone from outside is approaching the door.
  • They help to automate the lighting system and save energy and time.
  • They can alert the user when someone enters any restricted part in the house.
  • They alert parents about the breakout of curfew in home by kids.

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