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Vacker Dubai Services; Custom Technical Solutions; Outline to Understand Us


We provide custom designed technical solutions using sensors, automation and software. Our Sensors division and Software division provides technically advanced solutions.

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Concrete temperature monitoring & hydration monitoring using thermocouple

We are supplying temperature sensors and thermocouples along with multi-channel data logger for temperature monitoring and hydration monitoring of concrete. Concrete curing has to be continuously concreted for its quality. The process involves the recording of temperature at various points inside

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Temperature Sensor & Humidity sensor with Phone call alert

We have recently installed our integrated solution for monitoring and recording Temperature & Humidity which also gives phone call if the temperature or humidity goes above or below the defined limits. The device has one sensors which will sense both

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Temperature Monitor and Recorder with 4 Sensors

This temperature monitoring device can take inputs from 4 different sensors and a single screen can show display from all the 4 sensors. Each sensor can be pulled to a distance of 30 meters from the monitoring device and hence can even

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