Vacker Dubai Services; Custom Technical Solutions; Outline to Understand Us

We provide custom designed technical solutions using sensors, automation and software. Our Sensors division and Software division provides technically advanced solutions.

Vacker supplies Sensors

  The sensor division of Vacker UAE is the best place for all kinds of sensors and automation systems. Our product range is wide providing sensors for industries as well as domestic and commercial buildings. Temperature sensors, motion sensors, environment …

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Vacker UAE is appointed as distributor for ENIKA & AMIT for Sensors and Automation components

Vacker has joined hands with ENIKA and AMIT to provide an entire range of automation solutions, industrial process control solutions, specialized engineering solutions etc. Also our software division will provide interface and cloud hosting for these solutions.

Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared Motion Sensor
Infrared Motion Sensor

Vacker UAE has been working in the automation industry for a very long period of type. One of the many devices that are used abundantly in the automation industry is the Infrared Motion Sensor. Our top quality motion sensors can …

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Light Sensor for Energy Saving

Light sensors are used to switch electrical circuits depending on the required light levels in an occupied area. These devices constantly monitor the surrounding lights and decide whether required lux level is available. The required lux level can be set …

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