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We provide custom designed technical solutions using sensors, automation and software. Our Sensors division and Software division provides technically advanced solutions.

Vacker supplies Sensors

  The sensor division of Vacker UAE is the best place for all kinds of sensors and automation systems. Our product range is wide providing sensors for industries as well as domestic and commercial buildings. Temperature sensors, motion sensors, environment …

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Presence Sensor

Presence Sensor
Presence Sensor

Vacker UAE supplies different types of presence sensor like ceiling-mounted presence sensor, wall mounted presence sensor etc. in the UAE region. We supply presence sensor for residential use as well as commercial use. These presence sensors are highly effective in …

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Vibration Sensor, Accelerometer & Laser Vibrometers

Vibration sensors (vibration sensor) are used to measure the vibration of machinery parts eg. bearing,motor, generator etc. These sensors are critical to analyze the functioning of machinery and will give exact feed back on any abnormal behaviour. Displacement, velocity and …

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