LED grow lights and control system for Indoor farming & greenhouses

Various types of indoor farming & greenhouse techniques are becoming increasingly popular and a necessity. Indoor farming generates produces faster than conventional methods. In this article, we are explaining our LED lighting for farming with its control system and the types of LEDs for indoor farming and greenhouses.VackerGlobal is supplying various types of LED lights, Sensors, control panels, Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers, Mist spray units, Heaters etc.for all kind of indoor farming & artificial farming.indoor-farming-light-temperature-humidity-control

The significance of    indoor farming, greenhouses  and appropriate lighting

In today’s world the increase of population, scarcity of land, climate changes, increasing food demand has led to the demand for indoor farming and artificial growing facilities. These include indoor greenhouses, vertical farming, aquaponics and hydroponic soil-less cultivation systems. This technology is even tested in Space Stations. These facilities can create a better-controlled environment than the natural environment. They can increase the speed,  amount and quality of yield produced.

LED Lighting for farming – Indoor farming & greenhousesindoor-LED-grow-light-indoor-farming

Artificial lighting is an essential requirement for these indoor facilities and greenhouses. Most of these facilities require either supplementary artificial lighting or operates entirely on artificial lighting. As in normal ambient lighting systems, LED grow lighting has brought a lot of technological advancement in the field of grow lights. LED grow lights can mimic natural daylight as full-spectrum light to take care of all the aspects of plant growth. This will provide artificial lighting for greenhouses.

Light, as we all know, is essential for photosynthesis in Plants. Plants use light energy to prepare food and this enables the growth of plants. Also, light energy is required to enable photoreceptors present in Plants. Each photoreceptor has a specific function in Plant growth. The wavelength of light required for each photoreceptor is different.  Each plant species has different photoreceptors and hence the wavelength requirement is different. We can use LED grow lighting in greenhouses to mix up different wavelengths and thereby creating a suitable light recipe for the particular plant species chosen.  Suitable light recipe means the amount of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) which is from the spectral range between 400-700 nm. Also, the taste and amount of yield in a greenhouse can be increased by spectral control.control-panel-indoor-farming-VackerGlobal

Controlling LED spectra for indoor farming & greenhouses

LED spectra can be controlled to match the PAR range. Also, LEDs are very energy efficient consuming only 30 -70 % less energy than their conventional counterparts. Wall plug efficiency is much higher. Also, life expectancy is much higher than the incumbent technology. The low form factor of LEDs enables them to be used in vertical farming. Also, LEDs produces less heat and hence can be installed close to the plants without burning them. This facilitates the possibilities of vertical farming. Vertical farming can overcome the scarcity of space available for indoor farming.

Utilising all the technological advancement of LED grow lighting, indoor farming can be encouraged to speed up plant growth and the yield and taste.  Also, plants can be cultivated throughout the year without depending on the daylight availability even in cold countries. Also in countries with extreme weather conditions plants can be cultivated in controlled indoor facilities.

This is a remarkable step towards meeting the increasing global food demand and thereby eradicating the scarcity of food.

Control panels for Greenhouses, Indoor farming, moisture and temperature control

For indoor farming & greenhouses, we need to control the amount of light, temperature and atmospheric moisture. In order to control all these, we need PLC-based control panels. These PLCs can be programmed to control the LED grow lights and all other parameters based on the crop.

Sensors for Indoor farming and greenhouses, Hydroponics & Aquaponics

We have all types of sensors for measurement and control of various parameters such as temperature, humidity, soil parameters, light etc.

Please see our separate article on Sensors for Indoor farming and greenhouses, Hydroponics & Aquaponics.

Please contact us for all type of control systems for indoor farming and greenhouses.

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