Looking for good Fiber Optic cable splicing and termination in UAE?

The efficiency of data transmission through fibre cable is highly dependent on the quality of connecting the fibre optic cable. This process is known as fusion splicing. This process requires highly skilled technicians. This process is for connecting two fibre optic cables together.

Fibre optic splicing and Fusion splicingfiber-optic-splicing-Dubai-Abudhabi-UAE

The process is also known as fusion splicing since the process involves fusing of the fiber optic cable. Highly efficient splicing is required for connections such as telecommunications, LAN connections etc. If the connection is not perfect, there will be light loss across the termination resulting in data loss. Also, there will be a reflection of light in a substandard joint, which will cause distortion of data. The joint has to be mechanically strong as well so that the junction does not break.

Splicing is required when long cables are to be connected when different types of cables are connected etc.

Process of Fiber optic cable splicing (FOC splicing)

The process involves heating up of the joint either by laser or electric heating. For this reason, the process is known as fusion splicing since two cables are fused together to form the joint.

In order to start the process, the cable ends have to be prepared by stripping the insulation at the ends to be fused. the ends have to be perfectly flat for the best connections. This process is known as cleaving the fiber. The ends have to be perfectly cleaned as well since even a single dirt particle will reduce the quality by a huge margin.

There are different models of splicing equipment available from different manufacturers. Some of these machines also come with the testing facility so that the connection can be tested after the splicing is done. Both ends of the fiber ends are placed in the slots in the machine and splicing is carried out.

Mechanical splicing

Mechanical splicing is an older technology wherein the connection is made by using connectors. The connectors hold the two fibre ends in proper alignment. The cost of mechanical splicing machine is cheaper than a fusion splicing machine. The process of fusion splicing is faster and definitely higher quality compared to mechanical splicing. However, due to initial investments, mechanical splicing is still being used.

FOC is the short form of Fiber Optic Cabling and hence the splicing process is also called FOC splicing.

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