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LED grow lights and control system for Indoor farming & green houses

Various types of indoor farming & greenhouse techniques are becoming increasingly popular and a necessity. Indoor farming generates produces faster than conventional methods. In this article, we are explaining our control system and the types of LEDs for indoor farming

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Fire prediction using sensors and Artificial Intelligence

Fire prevention in buildings is a major subject across the world. Billions of dollars and hundreds of lives are lost due to fires in residential apartments, villas, commercial buildings, hotels, high rise buildings etc. The present-day challenge is that we come

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Ethernet monitoring with Access Control & Digital inputs

The SH4 is an ethernet thermometer with door access control system and works with an electromagnetic door lock and an RFID reader. No matter whether it’s your office, home or any data center, it works as a brilliant and reliable

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Vacker Services Outline to Understand Us

Vacker is a multi service provider company that has been providing various kinds of engineering solution to the customers. Within a short period of time Vacker has been able to establish itself as one of the most reliable service provider

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Sensor Related Queries

Sensors are devices which are engineered for recording or measuring of various physical properties as well as respond in a certain manner to a certain stimuli. Sensors have become one of the most important part of modern engineering and an

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Vacker supplies Sensors

  The sensor division of Vacker UAE is the best place for all kinds of sensors and automation systems. Our product range is wide providing sensors for industries as well as domestic and commercial buildings. Temperature sensors, motion sensors, environment

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Vacker UAE is appointed as distributor for ENIKA & AMIT for Sensors and Automation components

Vacker UAE is proud to announce to its customers that it has been appointed as the authorized distributor of sensors and automation products of well-known company ENIKA & AMIT. With the association, Vacker UAE has added to its already impressive

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Contact Vacker today for Sensors and Automation Solutions

Vacker is one of the leading suppliers of automation solutions and sensors in the world. We have got a whole range of sensors and automation solutions for all kinds of industrial and residential purposes. Our services are available in various

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Vacker supplies Sensors & Automation solutions in Africa: Updated 2019

VackerGlobal sensors division has started supplying all types of sensors in the African region. VackerGlobal has been a major supplier of all sensors and a system integrator for automation solutions in the Middle East region. Automation solutions and sensors in

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Automation Company

Automation Company

Vacker UAE is the specialist automation company providing different Automation Systems for both residential and commercial use. We are the proud server of the automation system in various cities of UAE such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah etc.

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