50 meter Infrared Motion Sensor

High Performance
Using a combination of Quad Pyro sensors coupled with the highest quality mirror-optics, these detectors have been designed for the 50-meter-motion-sensormost demanding environments where quality and reliability matter. Both models have been fitted with secondary pyro’s to eliminate any potential creep zone.

With a mounting height up to 3.5m coupled with a creep zone of less than 1m, we can offer 30m x 30m high-density coverage (PIR-30WE) or 50m x 3m curtain coverage (PIR-50NE). Using the highest quality mirrored optics coupled with twin pyros, TAKEX offer the most professional long-range outdoor PIR’s to date.

High Quality Mirrored Optics coupled with Twin Pyros
Installation Height 2m to 3.5m (6.6′ to 11.5′)
Durable Weatherproof AES Resin Housing
Sensitivity Adjustment from 30% to 170%
Protective Hood to Deflect Rain/Sunlight and guard against Wildlife

All data & image copy righted to Manufacturer : Takex, EU

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