Vacker Services Outline to Understand Us

Vacker is a multi service provider company that has been providing various kinds of engineering solution to the customers. Within a short period of time Vacker has been able to establish itself as one of the most reliable service provider in the countries of Middle East. Although Vacker is a multi-purpose company some of the main services provided by Vacker are discussed below:


Today’s time is the time of automation. We have been providing various kinds of automation services for all types of residential homes, commercial buildings and process industries. Some of our clients in process industries include cement industries, laboratories, and food processing plant, airlines, pharmaceutical industries and many more.

The main target of our automation services is to bring the energy consumption to the minimum while decreasing the manufacturing cost of our customers. Our automation services also have helped decrease the risks for human life in the working environment by creating safe ways to complete various kinds of tasks. The automation services also have helped to increase the comfort level in the working environment.

Our automation services for residential home have seen normal homes turn into smart homes. Whether it be smart lighting system or smart security system our automation systems has helped to revolutionize the way people used to leave. With the help of automation systems people can maintain the comfort level in their homes which we could never imagine few years back.

Calibration services

Vacker provides wide range of calibration services for all kinds of commercial requirement. We have been approved by the DAC to provide calibration services.

Some of the instruments we provide calibration services are:

  • Thermometer
  • Humidity data logger
  • Hygrometer
  • Chart recorders
  • Thermostat
  • Weighing machines
  • Electrical measuring instruments
  • Infrared laser thermometer
  • Thermo couple
  • Transmitters
  • Temperature data loggers
  • Hygrostats
  • Level meters
  • Vernier calipers
  • Level meters
  • Flow meters
  • Refrigerators
  • Chiller rooms
  • Differential pressure sensors
  • Electrical testing machines
  • Temperature mapping study

Temperature mapping study involves finding out the hot spots and cold spots during storage or transportation of goods and products. Our company have been providing temperature mapping study services for various kinds of customers for the past many years. We provide temperature mappings study for Laboratories, pharmaceutical warehouses, transport van, reefer, chiller rooms, cold storage, shipping box, vaccine and medicine storage room, fridge and many more. We also provide humidity mapping along with the temperature mapping according to the requirement of our customers. Our temperature mapping studies have helped our many customers to minimize loss in their businesses.

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