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The sensor division of Vacker UAE is the best place for all kinds of sensors and automation systems. Our product range is wide providing sensors for industries as well as domestic and commercial buildings. Temperature sensors, motion sensors, environment sensors, gas sensors, electrical sensors etc. are some of the sensors available in wide range of products. We have been able to establish ourselves as one of the leading company in the sensor division in a short period of time in UAE. We provide customized sensor systems for all kinds of customers. Some of the sensors that are available in our company are as follows:

buy-gas-sensor-in-dubai-uaeGas sensors

These sensors are capable of sensing various kinds of chemical or gases in the atmosphere. We provide gas sensors such as oxygen gas sensor, carbon dioxide gas sensors, carbon monoxide gas sensors, ammonia gas sensors, hydrogen gas sensors, etc. These sensors monitor the level of desired gas and can alert the user if the desired gas level goes out of the predetermined range. We provide both portable gas sensors as well as fixed type of gas sensors.

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Electrical sensorselectrical-sensor-uae-dubai

Electrical sensors are the sensors which are designed to sense various electric parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, etc. These sensors are very simple to use as the sensor can easily measure the electrical parameters directly. Some of the types of electric sensors are as follows:

  1. Electrical voltage sensor
  2. Electrical current sensor
  3. Hall Effect sensor and hall sensor for measuring current
  4. Piezoelectric sensor for mechanical force and vibration

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Environmental sensor

Various aspects of the environment are monitored with the help of environmental sensors. Factors such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, etc. are some of the aspects that are monitored with the help of environment sensors. VackerUAE provides environmental sensors for both indoor environment as well as outdoor environment.

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liquid-level-sensor-supplier-buy-online-in-dubaiLiquid sensor

Liquid sensors are those types of sensors that helps in measuring various properties of liquid. Liquid sensors are generally used for liquid such as water, petrol, oil etc. Liquid level, liquid flow rate, liquid leakage, etc. are some of the parameters measured with the help of liquid sensors. We provide almost every kind of liquid sensor for industrial and commercial use.

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Mechanical sensorssensors-supplier-in-dubai-uae-abu-dhabi

There are various types of mechanical properties in system that can be measured with the help of mechanical sensors. These mechanical sensors play very important role in smooth running of industries. Our company provides both analog and digital sensors to our customers. Some of the mechanical properties that can be measured with the help of mechanical sensors are temperature, acceleration, torque, axial load, flow etc. Mechanical sensors are the base of automation as many automation system in industries depend upon mechanical sensors.

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motion-sensor-vackerMotion sensors

Vacker UAE supplies wide range of motion sensors for all kinds of purposes. Whether you need the motion sensors for your residential home or for commercial buildings such as banks, schools, shopping malls etc. we have it all. Our motion sensors are customizable according to the demand of our customers. Motion sensors are useful in increasing the security level of a place as well as energy saving. Motion sensors have revolutionized the field of automation as these sensors can be integrated with various other automation systems.

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presence-sensor-vackeruaePresence sensors

Presence sensors are almost like motion sensors but they differ in their basic principle. While a motion sensors detection is based on the movement of object presence sensors are based on detecting infrared radiation from an object. These sensors are also often known as occupancy sensors as they help to detect the presence of people in a place.

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Our other types of sensors include Proximity Sensors, Water leakage sensors with alert, Temperature Sensors, etc.

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