Vacker supplies Sensors & Automation solutions in Africa: Updated 2020

Vacker supplies Sensors & Automation solutions in Africa: Updated 2020

VackerGlobal sensors division has started supplying all types of sensors in the African region. VackerGlobal has been a major supplier of all sensors and a system integrator for automation solutions in the Middle East region.

Automation solutions and sensors in North Africa by Vacker

Vacker supplies a wide range of sensors and automation solutions for a very sensors-by-Vacker-in-Africalong time. We are pleased to announce that we are now extending our services to the African region. We already have our prestigious customers in major African countries covering Nigeria, Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Djibouti. We have our head office in Dubai, where a regular stock of all major sensors is available.

Products & Services by Vacker in Africa

We are presently supplying the following products in the African region:

  1. Motion sensors for detecting motion inside offices, apartments, commercial buildings and to activate lighting systemsmotion-sensors-by-Vacker-in-Africa
  2. Presence sensors for detecting the presence of human beings especially inside schools, libraries, universities etc.
  3. Proximity sensors for measuring proximity for industrial applications, cars etc.
  4. Gas sensors for checking the level of gaseous content in various types of industries.
  5. Oxygen sensors and Oxygen detectors for measuring the oxygen level in the air for industrial and commercial applications.water-leakage-detection-sensor-by-Vacker-Africa
  6. Carbon Monoxide sensors or detectors for measuring the level of CO in industrial applications, parking lots, generator rooms etc.
  7. Carbon dioxide sensors or detectors for measuring CO2 in industrial environments, hospitals etc.
  8. Water level sensors for water tanks, sewage tanks etc. which can activate the pumping motor, a phone call or SMS alert etc. We provide different types such as ultrasonic water level sensors, float level switch etc.Programmable-logic-controller-and-BACNET-Panel
  9. Liquid sensors including Petrol and Diesel level sensors for petrol tanks, diesel tanks.
  10. Water leakage sensors with alert systems for giving a phone call and SMS alerts in case of even minute water leak in any areas, rooms, pump rooms, server rooms, food storage rooms etc.
  11. Programmable Logic controllers (PLC) for all industrial automation requirements.
  12. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for industrial motors for precise control.monitoring-sensors-with-phone-alert-by-Vacker-Africa
  13. Frequency converters for converting 60 Hz frequency to 50 Hz and vice versa.
  14. Vibration sensors for measuring vibration for machinery, generator etc.
  15. SCADA systems for central control systems. We undertake design, supply and commissioning of complete SCADA solutions.
  16. Human Machine Interface screens (HMI) for industrial automation solutions.
  17. Thermocouple sensors for measuring any temperature from -200 Deg C to 1600 Deg C for industrial applications, hospitals, cryogenic tanks, liquid nitrogen tanks etc.
  18. Temperature sensors with recording facility and phone call and SMS alert systems. If the temperature level goes above or below the programmed levels, it will generate phone call and SMS to 4 operators
  19. Humidity sensors for measuring and recording humidity levels. Temperature sensors and humidity sensors are very useful in data centres, server rooms, pharmaceutical stores, cold rooms, freezer rooms etc.
  20. Environment monitoring systems (EMS) for monitoring temperature, humidity, light level etc.
  21. Light sensors and lux sensors for measuring the level of illumination for outdoor and indoor applications.
  22. We also offer Lux study services for analyzing the light level for streets, commercial buildings etc. We provide a detailed report of the study.
  23. Indoor Air Quality monitoring sensors and IAQ system which measures various parameters of Air.
  24. Pneumatic components, pneumatic spares, complete pneumatic systems etc.
  25. We also undertake repair and servicing of robots and supply spares for robots.
  26. All type of sensors for the machinery of any sort is being supplied by us and installed if required.
  27. Pressure sensors, negative sensors, positive sensors etc. are supplied by us for positive pressure rooms and negative pressure rooms in hospitals, clean rooms etc.
  28. Clean rooms and cleanroom monitoring systems are provided for laboratories, research centres, hospitals etc.
  29. Instrumentation components, gauges, meters etc. are supplies for all type if instrumentation requirements.
  30. For all types of industries and machinery, we provide design and installation of industrial automation systems.
  31. We undertake complete design and implementation of building automation systems in BACNet, KNX etc.
  32. We supply BACNET automation panel custom designed to meet your requirements.
  33. We provide all types of sensors solutions in Africa.
  34. Our software division Vacker360 provides all types of software solutions in Africa including Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.
  35. Our Automation division provides various types of Automations solutions in Africa.
  36. As a combination of all our engineering divisions, we provide Custom Engineering Solutions in Africa.

Software development for Automation by our software division Vacker360

VackerGlobal has our own software division Vacker 360 ( for developing software for Automation systems. Our team has capabilities for software development, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. We also have software for connecting sensors to an IoT (Internet of Things) platform. We provide software solutions across the entire African content. We also provide 24-hour online support based on specific contract agreements. The software division also develops standard software packages such as CRM, ERP, Project Management etc.

Our customers in the African Region

Few of our major customers in the African region are

  1. Climate Evolution Africa Ltd., Kenya
  2. ABG Electromechanical Works, Ethiopia
  3. Crone-Tech Ltd., Kenya
  4. Dr Ubiaru Maduka, Nigeria
  5. Aramex Kenya Ltd., Kenya
  6. Panisco Engineering (Nig) Ltd, Nigeria
  7. Betseobong Ekanem, Nigeria
  8. Agunloye Emmanuel, Nigeria
  9. Mr. Kabwe, Zambia
  10. Coignsoft Limited, Nigeria
  11. Tradecon (Msa) Ltd, Kenya
  12. Hailu Metal Work Private Enterprise, Ethiopia
  13. Olayinka, Nigeria
  14. Great Nation Medical, Nigeria
  15. Exotic Penina Fields Group, Kenya
  16. Passo Procurement & Brokerage Ltd, Uganda
  17. Sr. Aklesia Memorial Hospital, Ethiopia
  18. Shaoma Nigeria Limited, Nigeria
  19. Hidoz Filtration & Equipment Co. Ltd, Nigeria
  20. Alfa Nutrition Animale, Tunisia
  21. JomoKenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya
  22. Au Chic Parisien Chez Ali, Djibouti
  23. Paul Mensah, Nigeria
  24. Sagamu Steel (Nigeria) Ltd, Nigeria
  25. Lued (A) Chemicals Ltd., Kenya
  26. Stone Hill Kenya Ltd, Kenya
  27. Severine, Tanzania
  28. Solomon Teshome, Ethiopia
  29. Transtel, Uganda
  30. Jonbel Tech. Electrical Works, Nigeria
  31. Forem Enterprise, Ghana
  32. Zedsons Ltd., Kenya
  33. Dream Engineering Co.
  34. AC Controls, Zimbabwe
  35. Konex, Tanzania
  36. Tunene Oil and Gas Limited, Nigeria
  37. Travellers Beach Hotel & Club,  Kenya
  38. Archbold Muhle, Zimbabwe
  39. Tiberius Ilie Moldovan, Ethiopia
  40. V.J.Mistry & Co. Ltd, Tanzania
  41. PGA Tech Plc., Ethiopia
  42. Clement Ajieh, Nigeria
  43. Joseph Adeleye,  Nigeria
  44. Accra Technical University, Ghana
  45. Power Transmission Control, Kenya
  46. Allied Mining Services Limited, Tanzania
  47. Key Export Company Ltd., Kenya
  48. Chinedu Ofili, Nigeria
  49. Silicon Projects, Nigeria
  50. Lambert Electromec, Ghana
  51. Sidho Trading
  52. Florence Services & Ventures INC
  53. Secure Solution Engineering,  Sudan
  54. Ahmed Omar, Somalia
  55. Eric Arthur, Ghana
  56. ULTRA
  57. Compact Power Electrical, Nigeria
  58. Solumu Investments Limited, Zambia
  59. Dahlak Island Resort, Eritrea
  60. Ahmed Ibrahim, Kenya
  61. Royal Products Pvt LTD, Malawi
  62. Bin Shakir Building Materials Trading LLC, Malawi
  63. Nano Hub Computers Ltd, Nigeria
  64. Akpo Oyegwa Refrigeration Co., Nigeria
  65. Various contractors at,  Tanzania

For all your requirements of sensors, industrial automation, process automation, building automation, Software etc., please contact our representative at Kenya at Tel no: +254-20-5293767. Also you may send us an email and we will contact you within one working day.

Also, we are looking for more partners and regional distributors in the African region. Please contact us in case your company is interested to become our associate.

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