Engineering company for specialised Sensors and Automation Solutions

Engineering company for specialised Sensors and Automation Solutions

contact-vackerVacker is one of the leading Industrial technical company and suppliers of automation solutions and sensors in the world. We have got a whole range of sensors and automation solutions for all kinds of industrial and residential purposes. Our services are available in various parts of the world mainly including the Middle East and African regions. Our automation and sensor division are categorized mainly in the following categories:

Building automation company automation-company-in-dubai-vacker

There are various parameters that need to be controlled inside a building environment. Parameters such as temperature, humidity, air pressure etc. can be controlled with the help of building automation systems. Building automation not only helps to create a convenient and comfortable environment but also helps to create a healthy and safe environment. Building automation helps the user to control the automation system of a building even from a remote place by connecting the system to the internet. Some of the parameters and factors that are mostly related to building automation are control access, HVAC system, light control, Surveillance system, water level monitoring, KNX and much more. Vacker supplies all kinds of building automation systems for all kinds of homes, villas and apartments.

Indoor air quality monitoring

Pollution has become a part of our life. With the increasing urbanization, there’s no running away from the pollution. One of the factors that have been most affected by the increasing pollution is the quality of air. Modern man spends most of their time indoors and hence maintaining the quality of indoors is one of the most important things for our health. As we all know that the quality of air is directly related to our health. Good quality of air is required for a good quality of life. Hence monitoring the indoor quality of air is very important to ensure good quality of air. We bring various kinds of indoor air quality monitoring systems for our customers. The indoor air quality systems help the user to constantly monitor the quality of the air inside a room even from a remote place. The monitoring system helps to alert the user if harmful elements in the air inside the room exceed the danger level. The indoor air quality air systems not only monitor the composition of air but also monitor other physical components such as humidity and temperature.

The indoor quality systems can be installed in all kinds of residential buildings as well as commercial buildings such as hospitals, banks, shopping malls, hotels etc.

An industrial process automation companyindustrial-automation-company-in-dubai-uae-vacker

Automation in the industries has helped to revolutionize the industrial systems. In fact, the whole industrial automation is based on industrial automation. Industrial automation such as PLC Automation and Variable Frequency Drives has helped to increase the production rate of industries while keeping down the required manual help. Industrial automation also helps to increase the safety level in the industries while maintaining a convenient and comfortable environment for the people working. Through industrial automation, the labour cost and wastage of materials are significantly reduced. Automation also has helped increase the quality of products for the customers as well as contributes to the environmental well-being.


Vacker has been supplying various range of instrumentation solutions for all kinds of industries such as oil and gas industry, marine industry, food production industry etc. instrumentation helps in monitoring and controlling various parameters such as humidity, temperature, water or liquid level, air pressure, liquid pressure, the viscosity of the liquid, voltage, current, frequency etc. Vacker supplies devices such as meters, sensors, solenoids and valves. We provide customized industrial solutions for our customers according to the sequence of activities required in their processes.

Robotics companysensors-vacker-global-dubai-uae

The development of robotics has helped us to create a safe and convenient environment in industries, Robotics has helped to replace humans in some of the most dangerous environments to work in. Robots also help to increase the productivity of industries. Robotics is specially used in food and beverage industries as they help to meet the hygienic standards required in the industries. We have been introduced to robotics for more than half-century. Various kinds of works are done by robots in industries such as welding, carrying loads, assembling and much more. Today the robotics industry is rapidly growing and we can only say that the development of robotics is going to make human life more and more comfortable and safe.

Pneumatic systems and components

Pneumatic systems and its components help to run various operations with the help of compressed air or gas. Pneumatic systems help to control the movement of various machinery and their parts. We supply all kinds of pneumatic components which are the following:

  • Pneumatic valves
  • Pneumatic cylinder
  • Pneumatic roller
  • Vacuum products
  • Pneumatic pipes and tubing accessories
  • Actuators
  • Solenoid valves

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