Temperature Sensor & Humidity sensor with Phone call alert

We have recently installed our integrated solution for monitoring and recording Temperature & Humidity which also gives phone call if the temperature or humidity goes above or below the defined limits. The device has one sensors which will sense both temperature and humidity of the server room, refrigerator, cold room, ware house, hospital rooms etc. the sensor can be pulled to a distance of 3 meter from the device. The entire unit is assembled by us and can be fixed by the customer by themselves with easy to use instructions.

Please see you tube video on the operation:


This alert system can be used for various critical parameters such as:
1. Temperature

2. Humidity

3. Fire alarm

4. Smoke

5. Gas leakage

6. Water leakage

7. Intruder detection

we provide complete solution with sensors for monitoring any of your critical parameters.


Vacker presently operates directly and through associates in UAE,Saudi Arabia, Oman,Qatar, Kuwait,Nigeria,Ethiopia,Ghana,Djibuti etc.

For more details please go through our websites www.vackerglobal.comwww.sensorsuae.com & www.temperaturemonitoringuae.com

Other group company : www.vackercables.com


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