Vacker Group, UAE associates with HW group for their wide range of sensors

Vacker Group associates with HW Group (EU) as system integrator for their wide range of sensors and associated solutions. HW Group temperature-monitoring-system-uae-kuwaithas wide range of IP based and standalone  sensors and associated solutions for Data centers, Industrial solutions, Commercial and Residential buildings, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical ware houses, Cold rooms, Food industry etc. The various solutions include:

  1. Temperature monitoring in refrigerators and cooling boxes
  2. Poseidon 4002 – Rack Monitoring System
  3. Water leak and flood detection
  4. Electricity consumption metering
  5. Box-2-Box: Relay control over LAN

Various parameters being monitored are:

  1. Temperature Monitoring System
  2. Humidity
  3. Energy
  4. Voltage
  5. Currentsensor-supplier-uae-kuwait-saudi-nigeria
  6. Frequency
  7. Pressure
  8. Smoke
  9. Flooding / Water leakage
  10. Power
  11. Motion
  12. Gas leakage

Vacker Group operates in UAE,Kuwait,Qatar,Oman,Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Djibouti and Afghanistan

All data and Images are copyrighted to the manufacturer HW GRoup.



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