BACNet Protocol integration for HACCP

HACCP Certification stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point certification. This is for ensuring process control in the food industry. HACCP with BACNet protocol is for centralised management of various processes. This is achieved through BACNet protocol.WiFi HACCP Software Dubai,Qatar,Oman,Kuwait,Saudi,Bahrain

BACNet IP protocol one of the most common protocols used for Building Management systems.There are other protocols such as KNX, LonWorks, MODBus etc. The purpose of all of them is data transfer between the various components.

Brief about BACNet Protocol

In a Building Management system (BMS), there are a lot of components throughout the building. These components need to communicate each other. Also, these need to continuously communicate with a central computer. These components include sensors, switches, valves, displays etc.Bacnet HACCP software Dubai, Abudhabi, UAE

All of them need to talk to each other for proper control. Speed and accuracy are important. This is achieved through BACNet IP. There will be thousands of such components in a building. So the data transfer between each of them is a complex process.

Components of HACCP Monitoring

In an HACCP certification system, a lot of parameters  need to be monitored continuously. HACCP monitoring is mainly for Temperature & humidity. The temperature of food processing, storage, cooking etc. need to be monitored. Also, these data need to be recorded continuously.BACNet Protocol Dubai Abudhabi UAE Qatar Saudi

Various sensors achieve same throughout various processes. The system also generates alerts if the parameters go above permitted levels. We use various types of fixed and portable devices for measuring temperature. Also auditing takes place to analyze such recorded data.

HACCP Software

A dedicated HACCP Software processes all the collected data. This software will record and monitor the data in a local server or cloud server. There are international HACCP standards based on which temperature levels are monitored. One such agency is FDA of USA.

This software complies with such standards. You will require such a software for HACCP certification.Now the software has to collect data from all the sensors.BACNet panel for HACCP & Building Management System Dubai,Abudhabi,UAE

BACNet with HACCP using BACNet Gateway

Now the challenge is BACNet integration with HACCP software. The BMS will have its own software, but will not be compliant with HACCP standards. The HACCP software may be able to take inputs directly. However, the components and sensors are in various locations as can be visualised in a 5-star hotel.

It is best to connect these sensors to the BACNet network of the building. We will install the dedicated software of HACCP in a separate computer or server. Then BACNet integration gives the data after converting suitably to feed to the software. A BACNet gateway achieves conversion of these signals to feed the software.

We are providing BACNet solutions and HACCP Software.  These are carried out by our Automation Division, In UAE, we operate in  all Emirates including Dubai and Abudhabi. Also we operate in Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

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